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Aventura is a suburban city in the northern region of Miami-Dade County. It is very close to the Atlantic Ocean and popular tourist attractions in the Miami area. As a result, many people drive and travel through Aventura to see the sights and enjoy the scenery. Unfortunately, this often results in unexpected car accidents.

The Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles has indicated that 61,319 crashes happened in Miami-Dade County in 2022. That is roughly 285 deaths and 18,898 personal injuries due to the crashes. The worst part is that these numbers are only getting worse every year.

Have you been injured in a car accident in Aventura? If so, you shouldn’t deal with the aftermath alone. Instead, you’ll need a professional legal team to negotiate with your insurance company and ensure they approve a compensatory amount equal to the value of your claim.

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When Do You Need to Hire an Aventura Car Accident Attorney?

Tragic car accidents and severe injuries are all too common in the Miami-Dade area, including Aventura. Many car accident-related injuries are minor, but others are more severe and have life-changing effects on the victim. Either way, you are entitled to receive compensation for all car accident-related injuries, whether minor or severe.

Did you suffer a minor injury from a car accident? Florida has a no-fault car insurance system that forces your insurance carrier to approve your car accident injury claim. However, your claim won’t automatically be approved if you have suffered a more severe injury and related damages. That is when you need to hire an Aventura car accident attorney to assist with the claim process.

A car accident lawyer can help you seek compensation for the following car accident-related injuries:

  • Internal damage
  • Spinal cord damage
  • Blood loss
  • Ligament and tissue damage
  • Burns
  • Broken bones
  • Knee and shoulder injuries
  • Brain damage
  • Chest injury
  • Eye damage
  • Bruises

You will incur high financial costs and expenses from your car accident-related damages and injuries. The medical expenses are only the beginning because many more expenses will follow.

Here is a list of the expenses you can expect to arise from your car accident-related injuries:

  • Rental car
  • Emotional pain and suffering
  • Inpatient care
  • Car repairs
  • Emergency medical services
  • Ambulance ride
  • Long-term rehab expenses
  • Medical devices and equipment
  • Outpatient care
  • Hospital fees

You could be looking at many thousands of dollars in compensation owed to you under the law. It all depends on how many expenses you accumulated due to the car accident-related damages and injuries. Were they all medical expenses and car damage repair expenses? Perhaps you suffered emotional pain and suffering too. If so, all these damages entitle you to compensation for them. You just need to hire a lawyer to get started.

Why Hire Louis Law Group?

Louis Law Group is a top law firm in Aventura. Our lawyers specialize in car accident claim cases and have an extensive track record of winning these cases for our clients. We dedicate ourselves to client satisfaction by focusing on your specific goals and fighting aggressively to ensure the insurance companies agree to a settlement. Otherwise, we’ll take them to court and defend your claim in front of a civil jury.

Here is a rundown of our legal services for defending car accident claims:

  • Determining the levels of liability of each person involved in the car accident
  • Reviewing eyewitness testimonies
  • Collecting police reports, medical reports, and other related evidence
  • Calculating the value of the car accident claim
  • Negotiating with insurance companies to try and reach a fair settlement for our client
  • Filing a lawsuit against the liable parties if a settlement is not made
  • Defending your lawsuit in court

Louis Law Group can give you peace of mind when pursuing compensation from the liable parties involved in your car accident case. We’ll handle all the legal hurdles while you focus on your recovery.

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How will you manage my car accident claim in Aventura?

 Our approach to managing car accident claims is simple. We will use our advanced legal knowledge and resources to pursue maximum compensation for all the financial expenses and personal injuries related to your car accident claim. Our lawyers will collect evidence, review insurance policies, negotiate with insurance companies and litigate the claim in court. The ultimate end goal is to get you the compensation you deserve.

How is your law firm different than others in Aventura?

Louis Law Group has a history of winning generous settlements for our clients’ car accident insurance claims in Aventura. We know you’ll be more than satisfied with the quality and professionalism of our legal services. Our car accident lawyers have the education, experience, training, and expertise in traffic and personal injury law. Therefore, you’ll be in good hands with us representing your car accident claim in Aventura.

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