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Water damage can cause a host of nasty problems in your Boca Raton home. It can discolor and stain floors, walls, and ceilings. It can lead to growth of toxic black mold, as well as mildew. Not only are these hazardous to your health; they also blight your home’s interior and emit terrible odors.

Mold is so dangerous that people who have been exposed to it for a prolonged period have died. If you or your loved ones have a respiratory condition, you’re more likely to suffer bad consequences after a mold infestation.

That’s why it’s important to protect yourself from the worst effects of water damage. If water damages your home and you need to file an insurance claim, you need to act quickly by calling a qualified water damage lawyer in Boca Raton who knows how insurance companies work. And it’s not pretty. To make a long story short, insurance providers will attempt to minimize how much compensation you receive, or even eliminate it.

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