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What Should Your First Step Be?

A car accident can claim a life instantly and leave victims with severe injuries. Therefore, it’s unreasonable to tell you that the first step you should take is to write down information like vehicle plate numbers or start taking photos of the accident scene. Whether minor or fatal, a car accident is an accident, so the first step is to seek first-aid treatment. People who have been involved in the accident need assistance. Try to save lives before anything else! Only then, for the purpose of legal action, should you take photos of the scene. Write down details like plate numbers of the vehicles involved, the number of casualties, and the names of eyewitnesses.

Why Recorded Statements?

Many people think they must provide a recorded statement for their insurance company. That’s wrong! The truth is, no law requires you to provide a recorded statement for your insurance company, even though doing so may seem a reasonable thing to do (so that you can get compensated fairly). But most insurance companies ask for recorded statements not because they care about you, but because insurance adjusters want to compare it against any other statement you have made concerning the accident. This is because the insurance company wants to spot inconsistencies in your story they can use to deny your claim.

Taking Pictures At The Accident Scene

Taking photos is very important for legal actions, because the pictures can serve as concrete evidence for professionals who can take further legal action concerning the accident. Everything that concerning the accident must be recorded, possibly with a smartphone. Be sure to snap the vehicles involved, victims of the accident, damages caused by the accident, and even the eyewitnesses at the scene. As mentioned earlier in this content, taking pictures should only happen after all involved persons have been rescued. 

What Is Comparative Negligence?

Comparative negligence is a partial legal defense that reduces the number of damages that a plaintiff can recover in a negligence-based claim. This is based on the magnitude to which the plaintiff’s own negligence contributed to the cause of the accident. Florida is a comparative negligence state. So basically, you need to prove that the other involved party is at fault for the accident to get full compensation. Failure to prove that the other driver is totally at fault means you won’t be compensated in full. You get compensated if only you can prove that the other driver is at least 50% at fault for the accident

How to Obtain A Car Accident Report in Florida

To prepare a car insurance or personal injury claim after you’re involved in a car crash, you need to obtain an accident report from the police. The report can be important to getting appropriate financial compensation from third parties and your insurance company. To be honest, a compensation claim without a police accident report is incomplete and risks a premature dismissal.

An accident report contains the information you gave to the police concerning an accident. Before you can consult the police for a report, you must file one with them. You file a report with the police concerning an accident either over the phone or at the police station. Either way, a report is filed. A police report is filed confidential and can only be requested by an attorney and an insurance company.

What Is the Duration Provided for The Pursuit of Financial Compensation After A Car Accident in Miami Florida?

A personal injury or property damage claim provides compensation to victims of an accident or social wrongs. The plaintiff in a personal injury lawsuit is the victim, while the defendant is the person that caused the accident. if you’re ever involved in a car accident and wish to pursue a claim, it is important to know that a four-year statute of limitations applies and that the time period begins immediately after the accident. Some injuries will not manifest immediately after the accident. They may take months or even years before they show symptoms. It is therefore advisable for you to seek a medical diagnosis of the damages you suffered as a result of the accident. The sooner a lawyer files your claim, the bigger your chances of getting appropriate compensation.

What Is the Provided Duration for Filing A Wrongful Death Lawsuit in Florida?

A wrongful death lawsuit is a lawsuit filed by a relative of the deceased against a defendant who caused the death. Unlike the allowed period for filing an injury claim that commences immediately affect an accident, a wrongful death claim period only begins once the victim is pronounced dead, and will only last for the next two years.

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