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How to Obtain an Accident Report

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Everyone who has been involved in an accident in Florida will have an idea of how to obtain a police accident report. Whenever a car is involved in an accident, the owner is required to obtain an accident report in order to make any insurance claims. This is why the report is so important in proving your case about the accident. A police accident report is expected to contain the facts and circumstances behind a motor accident. It will tell which parties are involved in the accident and describe how the accident happened.

The Importance of a Police Accident Report in Florida

In Florida, presenting a police accident report when suing an at-fault driver for damages is crucial. Here is additional information that an accident report will show and which could be beneficial to your case.

  1. Details of the injuries sustained in the accident. This will serve as an additional document in your medical records. Basically, Florida is a ‘’no-fault” state when it comes to car insurance. Therefore, in order to sue the at-fault driver, you must be able to prove that you sustained serious injuries during the accident.
  2.  Florida is a comparative negligence state, where courts often assign a percentage of blame to the parties involved in an accident. As such, to prove to the court of law that the other party was at fault and that you weren’t, you need documents such as a police accident report to present as part of the evidence supporting your claim.

Generally, the law on comparative negligence in Florida is quite complex, which is why you have to rely on an experienced Florida car accident attorney to advise and assist with the case. Our certified car accident lawyers at Louis Law Group can help in this regard.

Obtaining a Police Accident Report  

To obtain an auto accident police report in Florida, there are several relevant federal, state and municipal government agencies you’ll have to reach out to for information. Basically, the steps to obtaining a police accident report are:

  1. Get your Florida highway patrol accident number from the state patrol station closest to where your accident occurred. If you have the patrolman’s number, you can contact them to find out exactly where your accident took place.
  2. To prove you were involved in a motor accident in Florida, you’ll be required to fill the Sworn Statement for Traffic Crash Report Information. This will be submitted to the Florida Highway Patrol, but it has to be notarized before submission.

Consult Louis Law Group’s Florida Attorneys for More Information

If you need more guidance or legal advice on how to obtain a police accident report for your car accident claims in Florida, don’t hesitate reach out to the experienced car accident lawyers at Louis Law Group. Our attorneys can also help you with the entire claim process.

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