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Is Storm Damage Covered by Car Insurance in Florida?

Is Storm Damage Covered by Car Insurance in Florida
Is Storm Damage Covered by Car Insurance in Florida? – Louis Law Group

Dealing with an insurance company after a natural disaster is a headache. You assume that because you pay your monthly premiums, any damages to your vehicle will be covered by your insurance policy. The extent of the coverage will depend on what caused the damage to your vehicle and the terms of your policy. Even in Florida, you have to read the fine print to know whether your car will be covered after a large storm.

Does your car insurance policy cover storm damage?

It depends.

Every auto insurance company is different. Every company writes its policies and there is no industry standard across the United States for how they are constructed. Drivers in Florida can pay varying car insurance rates, from $1,101 annually for minimum coverage to $2,364 annually for full coverage. The rates are usually higher for drivers in Florida because they face a high risk of storm surges, flooding, flying debris, and other hazards from harsh weather.

Storm damage is usually covered under comprehensive plans that are more expensive. A full-coverage plan will cover events like flooding, objects falling onto the car, and hail denting the exterior. This does not apply to all plans. Some policies don’t cover flooding and you have to pay for an extra policy on top of the one you have.

The best thing to do is thoroughly review your car insurance policy and make sure it covers you for the majority of natural hazards you’re likely to experience in Florida. Hurricanes, storm surges, strong winds, and heavy rain are expected. The only mystery is when they will strike. Getting collision and comprehensive insurance plans is the best way to ensure your auto insurer will pay for the repair or total loss of your car.

Even if you have good coverage, there’s a chance your insurance company will act in bad faith. Insurers are driven to increase their profit margins, so they have an interest in withholding payouts. If they withhold yours, a property damage claim lawyer can negotiate with your insurance company or file a lawsuit on your behalf. This is sometimes a necessary action when insurers wrongly deny or underpay a claim. 

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Unfortunately, terms and exclusions in the fine print may prevent you from getting adequate coverage, so thoroughly inspect your policy. If you need help going through it, Louis Law Group’s experienced policy experts can answer your questions about your coverage and what falls under it. They can also advocate for your benefits if the insurance company denies or underpays your claim. They will help you navigate the frustrating process of getting the reimbursement you deserve. 

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