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Property Insurance Claims - What You Should Do If Your Property Is Damaged in A Hurricane

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What You Should Do If Your Property Is Damaged in A Hurricane

What You Should Do If Your Property Is Damaged in A Hurricane
What You Should Do If Your Property Is Damaged in A Hurricane – Louis Law Group

Hurricanes can turn Paradise into Paradise Lost overnight. While Florida has sun, beaches, an affordable cost of living, and other great benefits, the volatile weather can wreak havoc on the state. It can tear apart houses and leave businesses beaten down.

If your home has been ravaged by a hurricane, you’ll face a difficult road ahead. Not only will you have to repair your home and recoup your belongings, but you’ll have to deal with your insurance company on top of it. To deal with all this in the best possible way, follow the steps outlined below.

Gather Photo/Video Evidence of the Property Damage 

Your first instinct might be to look up contractors to handle your home repair, but there’s a vital step before that. As soon as you return to your home, snap as many pictures and take as many videos as possible to record the full extent of the damage. Check the state of the roof, as it can cause interior damage if it’s unstable and in danger of collapse.

Keep Your Receipts in A Documentation File 

You’ll spend money on hotels, meals, and transportation when you flee from the hurricane. You’ll also have to pay for home repairs while your claim is being processed, so keep all the repair estimates, appraisals, and out-of-pocket costs you pay to replace personal belongings like furniture, clothing, and other personal property. Keep all of these relevant documents in a manila folder or plastic bag. If you want an extra layer of security, scan everything and save it in a Google Drive folder or Dropbox account. That way, you don’t have to fear losing it.

Contact Your Homeowner’s Insurance Company 

Contact your insurer as soon as you can and try to get the paperwork you have to fill out to file your claim. You might have to be patient since your insurer will be flooded with similar claims from everyone who lives in your area.

Read Your Homeowner’s Insurance Policy Carefully

This is the tricky part. The wording you use is crucial when filing your claim. Hopefully, you’ll have the right policy or extra policies to cover predictable damages in Florida (floods, fires, hurricanes, wind, rain, etc.). Even in Florida, these natural disasters are not automatically covered. Make sure you describe the damages in a way that shows they should be covered by the policy. As an example, if your policy covers “storm surge” – rising sea levels due to atmospheric pressure changes and high winds from a storm – but you describe it as “flooding,” your claim can be denied or underpaid.

Contact a Property Damage Claims Lawyer at Louis Law Group

If your insurance company is not treating you fairly or you’re having a difficult time understanding your insurance policy, consult an experienced property damage lawyer from Louis Law Group. They have the power to advocate for you and make sure your insurance company treats you fairly. They make sure things move along smoothly.

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