Property Insurance Claims - Why Can’t You Get Homeowners Insurance During Hurricane Season in Florida?

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Why Can’t You Get Homeowners Insurance During Hurricane Season in Florida?

Why Can’t You Get Homeowners Insurance During Hurricane Season in Florida
Why Can’t You Get Homeowners Insurance During Hurricane Season in Florida? – Louis Law Group

When the hurricane alerts sound, you may think you have time to buy extra insurance policies to cover your home, car, or other personal property. But the truth is, insurance companies prohibit purchases of new policies during this time. It’s next to impossible to get more comprehensive coverage once news of a hurricane breaks out or during hurricane season.

To avoid being caught in a hurricane without adequate homeowner’s insurance, make sure you take action in advance. Thinking ahead is the only way you can prepare yourself for the aftermath of a destructive natural disaster.

When is Hurricane Season?

Hurricane Season lasts about half of the calendar year. Officially, it runs between June 1st and November 30th. During this time, hurricanes can be forecast and force you to quickly pack your belongings and evacuate your home. As you frantically pull everything together, don’t waste time trying to buy more insurance policies.

Can I Get Extra Insurance in Preparation for a Hurricane?

You cannot purchase an additional car or homeowner’s insurance policy in the 48 hours before an incoming hurricane arrives. You’ll have to wait 72 hours after the hurricane has passed to buy one. This is the general window in which moratoriums are placed by insurance companies.

After the hurricane has passed, insurance companies will be backed up trying to distribute benefits to their clients. They will be flooded by property damage claims and all the paperwork they have to process. Whether they are overbooked or not, companies are just not willing to open new policies when a hurricane is only two days away.

When Should I Get Insurance?

Your best course of action is to purchase your insurance policy well in advance of a hurricane or hurricane season. Global warming is making hurricanes much more frequent than in the past, according to scientists around the world. So, it’s to best prepare yourself by purchasing a comprehensive insurance plan as soon as you can.

What Do I Do After A Storm? 

No matter what insurance policy you have, you should thoroughly document and report any damages your property sustains in a natural disaster.

  • Document the damage immediately. Take pictures and videos.
  • Document your expenses. Keep receipts of everything before, during, and after the hurricane.
  • Update your insurance company and file your claims.

Contact a Property Damage Claims Lawyer at Louis Law Group

To learn more about getting appropriate insurance coverage for your home, consult a property damage claim lawyer at Louis Law Group. They can help you review your policy as it stands now, advise you on which plan fits your needs, and advocate for your benefits when you need them. No one wants to go broke over their premiums, but you will need adequate coverage if you live in a high-risk area like Florida. An experienced property damage claim lawyer can guide you in the right direction and help you plan for a natural disaster.

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