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Did your Fort Lauderdale property suffer any kind of damage? Did your insurance company deny your property damage claim after you filed it with them? If you answered “yes” to both questions, then you may need the services of a Fort Lauderdale denied property claim lawyer from Louis Law Group. We will fight to get your property claim denial reversed by negotiating with your insurance company and using all the legal tools we have at our disposal.

What is Property Damage?

Property damage comes in many forms. Your property could suffer wind damage, roof damage, water damage, theft damage, mold damage, or fire damage. As long as your insurance policy covers the type of damage that your property has incurred, your insurance company must approve your property claim.

Don’t assume that your homeowner’s policy covers everything. For example, it’s common for homeowner’s insurance policies not to cover flood damage. You would have to purchase a separate insurance policy which covers that specific type of damage. Before you file a property claim with your insurance company, make sure you’ve reviewed your insurance policy and verified that it covers the type of property damage you’re dealing with.

Why Property Claims Get Denied

Insurance companies don’t like approving claims because it means they have to pay money to their policyholders. They would rather find an excuse to deny a claim and save their money. So, they’ll look at your account very carefully and try to find any little reason they can use to avoid paying your claim.

The most common reasons for property claim denials include the following:

  • Late or Missing Premium Payments
  • Did Not File in Time
  • Lack of Information Provided
  • Claim Believed to be False or Fraudulent
  • Type of Damage Not Covered Under the Insurance Policy
  • The Deductible is Higher than the Amount Lost


Whether any of these excuses are valid or not, you should still seek legal representation if your property claim has been denied. It’s always better to let a lawyer talk with your insurance company, because the company is more likely to concede to your settlement demands that way. A lawyer from Louis Law Group is just who you need to hire.

Hire a Denied Property Claim Lawyer

Was your property claim denied? Do you believe the denial was unjust? If so, consult with a denied property claim lawyer from Louis Law Group. We’ll get to the bottom of why your claim was denied by contacting your insurance company and getting their side of the story. We’ll also thoroughly review your insurance policy to understand the type of coverage you’re legally entitled to.

If you should have been granted that coverage but were not, we’ll demand a settlement from the insurance company on your behalf. If they don’t agree to our demand, then a lawsuit will be our next step. Our denied property claims lawyers have helped hundreds of clients get their denied property claims reversed. We’re confident we can do the same for you, too. Contact our office, call (954) 676-4179 for more information

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