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Fort Lauderdale Water Damage Porperty Claim Lawyer

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When you live in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, you can expect your property to suffer water damage. Due to the swampy nature of the Florida landscape, it’s water can easily damage the roof, foundation, and structure of your home. That’s why Fort Lauderdale homeowners file water damage claims with their insurance companies at an alarming rate. In fact, water damage is the second-biggest reason why Floridians file property claims.

Did you know that just a couple of inches of water in your home can result in thousands of dollars in property damage? There are many possible ways you can suffer this type of water damage. Some of the most common reasons for water damage claims include:

  • Hurricane Rain and Flooding
  • Burst or Damaged Pipe
  • Sudden Discharges
  • Overflowing Water System / Flooding


It can be difficult to get approval for a water damage claim. Insurance companies don’t often cover flood damage in a basic homeowner’s insurance policy. Since most water damage stems from a flood of some kind, the insurance claims adjusters will use that as an excuse to deny your claim. Whether the flood was caused by a storm or burst pipe, it still counts as flood damage either way. 

However, you don’t need to accept their decision lying down. You can seek the services of a water damage property claim lawyer at Louis Law Group. We can represent you in the eyes of your insurance company. If your water damage claim was denied, we’ll negotiate on your behalf and try to see if we can reverse the denial.

Water damage caused by an issue with your plumbing or water system does not qualify as flooding. The same goes for a leaky roof that lets rainwater into your home. That would be water damage. It’s not categorized as a flood. Don’t worry if you’re confused about all this, because we’re here to figure things out for you.

Get the Most Compensation Possible

Our mission is to fight for the most compensation possible after your property water damage claim is filed. We recommend that you let us file the claim for you, because it’ll send your insurance company the message that you have legal representation on your side. Once they see that, they’ll be less likely to ignore you or your claim.

After all, insurance companies know they could be wiped out by a lawsuit judgment if they wait to go to court over a claim. It’s in their best economic interest to approve your claim and compensate you for all the property damage that the water caused. This would allow them to settle for a lot less money than what a jury would reward you. In the end, at least you’ll receive your funds faster, without having to wait for a lawsuit to be concluded.

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