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Fort Lauderdale Wind Damage Property Claim Lawyer

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Never mind Chicago – Fort Lauderdale is becoming the new Windy City of the United States. Between the yearly tornadoes and hurricanes that hit the east coast, natural disasters are becoming all too common for cities like Fort Lauderdale. Residents must have a homeowner’s insurance policy that gives them adequate insurance coverage for wind damage done to their windows, roof, siding, and other structural features of their house.

Strong winds can do a lot of damage in more than one way. The worst damage comes from the winds blowing debris onto your property. Depending on the wind speed, the impact of the debris can cause serve damage to your property. That’s a big reason why homeowners experience leaky roofs. These can lead to water damage that threatens the walls, flooring, furniture, and structure of the home.

What to Do After a Windstorm

Not all windstorms come in the form of hurricanes. Even smaller storms like thunderstorms and tornadoes can produce winds strong enough to damage your property. Once a windstorm passes and it’s safe to go outside, inspect the roof and exterior of your home. Look for all signs of damage, including missing shingles, pieces of metal, pieces of siding, and so on. For more information on post-storm inspections, check out Angie’s List.

If you notice any type of structural damage or water leakage after a windstorm, then you have grounds to file a wind damage property claim to seek compensation for the wind-related damages. Be sure to document the damages very closely by taking photographs of them and supplying these photographs to your insurance company. They will send a claims adjuster to do their own inspection, but it’s a good idea to document the damages yourself, too. That way, if the claims adjuster doesn’t document all the damage accurately, you will have your own documentation to back up your claims.

The Claim Process

Hopefully, your insurance company will approve your wind damage property claim after the claim adjuster has conducted their evaluation. But if for some reason they deny your claim or decide to pay you a minimal amount of compensation, then contact the wind damage property claim attorneys at Louis Law Group.

We have the best legal minds in Fort Lauderdale for handling wind damage claim cases like these. When you hire us to represent you, we will fight to make sure that your denied claims or underpaid claims are reversed. You have legal rights when it comes to insurance coverage. Your insurer is legally obliged to compensate you for wind damage done to your property if it is written into your insurance policy.

Most insurance companies will comply with our negotiations, because they’re coming from licensed attorneys rather than individual policyholders who haven’t studied the law. Insurance companies don’t want to go to court, since they could end up paying substantially more money than they would in a settlement. All you need is a good team of lawyers on your side to make it happen. That is what Louis Law Group can offer to you.

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