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Property Damage Insurance Attorney in Fort Lauderdale

A Fort Lauderdale property damage attorney can make all the difference in getting your property damage insurance claim approved. The Louis Law Group has a dedicated team of Fort Lauderdale property damage attorneys who have helped hundreds of clients reach fair settlements on the claims they filed with their insurance companies. We can do the same thing for you too.

Insurance companies will usually offer more compensation to claimants that have property damage attorneys representing them. They know that attorneys have knowledge of the law and the rights of policyholders. That is why insurance companies are willing to be fair when negotiating with attorneys.

Otherwise, they could run the risk of having an expensive court battle with them, which they certainly don’t want to let happen. For this reason, you need to hire our Fort Lauderdale property damage attorneys if you are dealing with a stubborn insurance company already or are planning to file a claim with them.  

Expert Hurricane Damage Attorneys in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Hurricanes hit Fort Lauderdale almost every hurricane season. Even if your insurance policy has hurricane coverage, your insurer will still look for ways to avoid paying you compensation after a hurricane causes damage to your property. After all, hurricane damage claims could cost insurance companies tens of thousands of dollars. They cannot stay in business without looking for ways to avoid paying that bill.

When you hire our expert hurricane damage attorneys in Fort Lauderdale, our job is to show your insurance company why you are owed 100% compensation. Insurers tend to get nervous when attorneys are involved, so they won’t dare try to undervalue your claim with us. We know the law, and they know that we know the law.

Obtain an Experienced Mold Damage Attorney in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Most property owners do not realize the true dangers of mold growth. It is a fungus that has the power to destroy the organic materials of your walls, ceiling, and every other part of your internal structure. Not only that, but mold growth can cause everyone in the structure to have health problems and symptoms. For these reasons alone, mold has to be taken seriously.

If your property has mold damage of any kind, then your insurance policy should cover the costs of repairing that damage. However, your insurance company may still try to make trouble for you. They don’t like to pay mold damage claims because they believe this type of damage can be avoided. But we can prove that it was unavoidable, then there is a much better chance of them approving your claim and for the amount you want.

Our mold damage attorneys have years of experience at representing clients with mold damage claims in Fort Lauderdale. We know what it takes to get those claims approved and to get a settlement amount that everyone will be happy about.

The Importance of Hiring a Water Damage Attorney in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Water damage could mean thousands of dollars in repair costs to your property. A leaky water pipe or broken washing machine are just some of the ways in which water can damage your property. If you were to hire a water damage attorney in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, then you wouldn’t have to face your insurance company alone.

Water damage claims are not always easy to prove by yourself. It takes an elite team of water damage attorneys to present your case to the insurer properly. We’ll advise you on precautions to take to minimize further damage and negotiate with your insurer for the best possible settlement.

Excellent Roof Damage Attorneys in Fort Lauderdale, FL

The roof is the cover of your home or building. Once your roof gets damaged, then your entire structure is at risk of getting damaged permanently. Insurance companies want policyholders to report roof damage as early as possible. Unfortunately, many policyholders fail to recognize roof damage until they see leaks, mold, and other signs of damage to their home. That might make it difficult for an insurer to approve your roof damage claim.

Our excellent roof damage attorneys have a splendid track record of convincing insurers to approve roof damage claims in Fort Lauderdale. With us on your side, your roof damage claim will get approved in no time. We’ll work diligently with your insurer to get the desired amount of compensation for your claim.

Skilled Fire Damage Attorneys in Fort Lauderdale, FL

No one ever wants to think that a fire could break out in their home or building. But it is possible for such a thing to happen because of unforeseen situations. Perhaps you have a deteriorated electrical wire or faulty kitchen appliance that breaks out into a fire. You just never know what will happen until it does.

Fire damage is always investigated thoroughly by the local fire and police departments. As long as you didn’t set the fire deliberately, your insurance company owes you full compensation for the fire damage. To make sure they do, our skilled fire damage attorneys in Fort Lauderdale will put the pressure on them. We know the laws surrounding fire damage claims, so it’ll be easy for us to present a valid case to them on your behalf.

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