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Fort Myers Property Claim Attorney

Fort Myers property damage claim attorney
In need of a Fort Myers property damage claim attorney?

There’s no shortage of property damage insurance companies in Fort Myers; they’re everywhere. The question, however, is how efficient are they? Do they treat their clients well? Or do they find ways to avoid fair settlements?

It’s no secret that insurance companies often try to find ways to avoid giving property damage claimants what they’re rightfully owed. The firms often pay out less than the clients deserves or, in some unfortunate cases, nothing at all.

This is why you need a property damage claim attorney. 

In Fort Myers, Louis Law Group will help you get a fair property damage claim settlement, whether your insurer decides to cooperate with us or not. If you’re represented by Louis Law Group, you’ll get a fair settlement. Our attorneys are committed to giving their clients the best of their services and putting smiles on their faces.


Property damage claims in Fort Myers are commonly filed for:

  1. Car Accidents: Accidents happen. There are always one or two reckless drivers on the road. When an accident happens and your car is damaged, your insurance company should foot the repair bill. If they try to avoid payment, your property damage claim attorney should step in and save the day. 
  2. Water damage: A significant portion of the United States experiences below-freezing temperatures in winter. Many homes that aren’t properly insulated against the cold end up with frozen and cracked water pipes. Many insurance policies will cover the water damage that may result. Still, whether or not you get a fair settlement often boils down to having an experienced property damage claim attorney – like the ones at Louis Law Group – on your side.
  3. Theft: In 2010, the FBI discovered that out of roughly 2.2 million police reports across the United States, 74 percent of burglaries occurred in residential neighborhoods. Although most theft losses are covered by home insurance policies, it’s wise to employ a property damage claim attorney if a robbery occurs in your home.
  4. Wind damage: This is one of the most common insurance claims. These claims are filed after hurricanes, tornadoes, and storms. Wind damage is typically covered by home insurance, but it’s still a good idea to have claim support from a property damage attorney.
  5. Fire and lightning: Fire damage can occur in different ways – a grease fire in the kitchen, an electrical fire, or a forest fire on a windy day could set your home ablaze. However the fire happens, your insurance company should stand by you and give what is rightfully yours. However, this is not always the case. That’s why you need help from an experienced property damage claim attorney.
  6. Other Property Damage: Your garden might be maliciously dug up, trees or bushes being cut, your outdoor lights or windows damaged, or your home spray-painted. Usually, a home insurance policy will cover damage from vandalism, but you have to double-check to be sure it does. Even when it does, a competent property damage claim attorney from Louis Law Group will be a godsend if your insurance company tries to evade payment.


The property damage claim attorneys at Louis Law Group offer top-notch services:

  1. We’ll review your policy and explain your rights to you. Our The attorneys will do for you what your insurance company never will. We’ll describe all the options open to you in clear terms. We won’t mince words. In a situation where your insurance company is refusing to cooperate, we’ll help you stand your ground.
  2. We’ll conduct a comprehensive assessment of your property damage claim. Whether you accept our opinion or not, the truth is that few people understand property damage claims as well as the professionals from Louis Law Group. You need a competent attorney to conduct a comprehensive assessment of your property damage claim. Also, Louis Law Group thoroughly understands the tactics and strategies used by Fort Myers’ insurance companies and won’t be fooled when it’s time to negotiate.
  3. On that note, we’ll negotiate for you. Because the attorneys at Louis Law Group are all about helping clients get financial settlements, we’ll gladly do the talking with the insurance company’s representatives. We won’t settle for anything less than the best outcome for our clients.

The attorneys at Louis Law Group will walk you through the property damage claim process and ensure you get a fair settlement. To book an appointment, visit our website or call us at (954) 676-4179.

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