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Fort Pierce property damage claim attorney
Need a Fort Pierce property damage claim attorney?

Property damage caused by floods, hurricanes, and fire outbreaks can leave you feeling lost, unbalanced, and in limbo. At such a time, you’d expect your insurance company to cover your property losses as outlined in your insurance policy. But this doesn’t always happen.

That’s why you need a property damage claim attorney who can help you get your rightful compensation. When your claims are not honored by your insurance provider for one reason or another, a specialist can help you get what your insurer owes you. 

The attorneys at Louis Law Group will help you fight for your rights. They apply their in-depth knowledge of Florida insurance law to each case. Our clients trust us to handle their legal interests carefully and thoroughly. You can expect the results you want and need, but not extravagant expenses. Louis Law Group offers strategic thinking, creative solutions, and experience to help you resolve your insurance claim. We’re committed to excellence and effective solutions that deliver quantifiable value.

Contact Louis Law Group in Fort Pierce. We’ll take up your case and get you the best possible settlement from your insurance company. 

Property Claims Our Lawyers Can Help You With

There are different types of property damage claim, and insurance providers provide different levels of coverage for each of them. A claim can include almost anything that pertains to you, such as your home, work premises, vehicle, and other things in your possession. The details of what constitutes a covered loss will be outlined in your insurance policy.

Below are some of the more common claims a Florida policyholder might make:

Fire Damage Claim

Fire and smoke damage is common in Florida and requires careful investigation. In some cases, the damage can weaken the structure of your house and make residual hidden damage to electrical appliances and wiring systems even worse. Always factor in the potential for hidden damage before accepting compensation from your insurance provider. You don’t want to get less than you deserve.

Water & Flood Damage Claim

Water damage can be caused by severe storms and floods or  burst pipes and roof leaks. Water and mold damage can be complicated to secure compensation for. Fort Pierce property damage claim attorneys will help you carefully review your insurance policy and ensure you have the appropriate coverage for damages caused by water, mold, and floods. Our Fort Pierce property damage claim attorneys will explain that you need separate insurance policies for damages caused by hurricanes and floods in Florida. In contrast, your homeowner’s policy may cover water damage caused by burst or leaking pipes.

Hurricane Damage Claim

After a major storm, insurance companies sometimes hire contractors to help assess the large number of claims coming in. These contractors may not conduct thorough reviews of each case, which can have a significant impact on the compensation your insurance company initially offers you. A property damage claim attorney can help you dispute this figure.

When Can Your Insurer Deny your Claim?

Homeowners typically call Louis Law Group in Fort Pierce before filing their initial property damage claim so our attorneys can help them speed up the claim process and ensure they get a fair settlement for any covered damages or losses.

It’s not uncommon for us to see clients at loggerheads with their insurance providers. Sometimes, insurers act unprofessionally and undervalue a claim or avoid paying at all. The insurer might:

  • Abruptly deny a claim without sufficient reason
  • Deny that your damage claim is covered by your policy
  • Deny that you have active coverage
  • Dissuade you from hiring a lawyer
  • Undervalue any incurred damages or losses
  • Unexplainably refuse to process your claim promptly
  • Make misleading or false statements

There are just a few of the ways an insurance company might try to wrongfully deny your claim.

How a Fort Pierce Property Damage Claim Attorney Can Help 

A Fort Pierce property damage claim lawyer from Louis law Group can help you to back up your legal claims and gather the information you need to benefit from your insurance premiums in full. Whatever the damages to your property, the attorneys at Fort Pierce will carefully examine your insurance policy and explain to you in layman’s terms what your options are. Insurance companies use specific methodologies to analyze and evaluate property damage claims, and we can assist with this process by:

  • Gathering photographic evidence of the property damage 
  • Documenting the severity of the damage
  • Giving advice on damage mitigation measures you should take 
  • Calculating the cost of repairs and replacements 
  • Helping you manage claim negotiations with your insurance provider. 
  • Presenting your claim to your insurance provider in the most compliant way 
  • Letting you know if you should launch a lawsuit. 

Properly gathering evidence to support your claim can dramatically increase your chances of success. It could also significantly raise the value of your claim. 

Our legal team will work closely with you to help you get a quick resolution to your claim. We never demand any upfront fees or charges. You pay us only after you receive complete and rightful compensation for all your covered damages and losses.

Contact Louis Law Group’s Fort Pierce office for help with your claim and your efforts to receive compensation in full. Call (954) 676-4179 today if your claim has been denied wrongfully and you need a Fort Pierce property damage claim attorney. 

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