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The cruise industry is quite popular in Florida. Millions of Americans go on cruise ships each year to vacation, party, gamble, and sightsee. Passengers assume they’ll be perfectly safe on a cruise ship because they put their faith and trust in the crew members to eliminate all hazardous conditions.

American cruise lines can be held liable if any of their passengers get sick or injured while on their ships. It doesn’t matter if the incidents occur on international waters either because American courts still govern American companies. As a result, any injured cruise line passenger can sue the company in court for negligence.

U.S. courts govern cruise line negligence under the maritime law. So if you need to file a personal injury claim against a cruise line for negligence in causing your injury, you can find legal grounds to sue based on this law.

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When Do You Need to Hire a Cruise Ship Injury Lawyer?

Cruise lines are responsible for maintaining a clean and safe environment for their passengers. These primary maintenance duties require them to eliminate all potential accident risks, such as slippery decks, contaminated food, and a lack of lifeguards. If a passenger were to get injured on a cruise ship due to a preventable accident, the cruise line would be liable for damages.

Slip and fall accidents are the most common types of accidents on cruise ships that result in passenger injuries. These accidents could be due to slippery decks, poor lighting, damaged stair railings, ship construction defects, or intense ship swaying. Any of these reasons would be grounds to sue the cruise line for negligence if you get injured from it.

The amount of compensation you can seek depends on a couple of factors. First, the most significant factor is the severity of the injury or sickness you incurred on the cruise ship. Second, the level of negligence from the staff which ended up causing the accident. Thirdly, the level of medical malpractice when you seek treatment from the cruise ship’s medical staff.

Every cruise ship must be equipped with the necessary medical staff and resources to provide basic care to passengers who need it. For example, suppose a passenger has a severe injury or illness which requires treatment at a medical facility. In that case, the maritime law requires the cruise ship to change course and travel to the nearest land with a medical facility nearby. Failure to follow this rule could mean a higher amount of compensation owed to the passenger if a claim is filed.

Of course, you should not represent yourself in this matter. Hiring a cruise ship injury lawyer would be better when filing a personal injury claim against the cruise line. Then you can have peace of mind knowing that true legal professionals are representing you in this case.

Why Hire Louis Law Group?

Louis Law Group has extensive knowledge and experience in representing clients who have been injured on cruise ships. In addition, we are familiar with the maritime law and the local and state laws governing personal injury claims against cruise lines.

We’ll use our legal knowledge and experience to calculate the maximum compensation you’re entitled to receive for your particular cruise ship injuries. Our legal team will handle all of the crucial tasks of your personal injury claim. You won’t have to do anything other than consult with us when necessary.

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The statute of limitations requires injured or sick passengers to file a personal injury lawsuit against cruise lines within one year following the incident. You may also be required to send a written letter regarding your injury to the cruise company within six months, as stated in the cruise contract when you purchased your ticket.

For this reason, you need to contact Louis Law Group right away. 

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What happens when you take on my cruise ship injury claim?

Our legal team will offer you a comprehensive range of legal services to help you manage your cruise ship injury claim. First, we’ll collect and review all the evidence associated with your cruise ship injury incident. Once we have a better understanding of the circumstances which led to your injury, we can calculate the maximum compensation value of your claim.

From there, we’ll proceed to represent you in the claim by negotiating with the cruise line and their insurance company. But if we cannot reach a fair settlement, we’ll proceed to take the cruise line to court.

How do I get started?

It is pretty easy to get started. All you have to do is call us at (954) 676-4179 to receive a free consultation regarding your cruise ship injury claim. This free consultation will give you a chance to ask questions and learn more about your rights in this case.

Our lawyers will utilize their vast knowledge and experience in cruise ship-related personal injury claims to gather evidence and manage your claim appropriately.


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