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Business owners are responsible for ensuring the safety of all customers, workers, and guests who come to their property. Unfortunately, many business owners like to cut corners when it comes to their security measures. That ends up causing other people to be less safe on their property.

Do you need a negligent security attorney in Florida? If you were injured on someone else’s property because of security negligence, you could have a solid case for seeking compensation from them.

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When Do You Need to Hire a Negligent Security Attorney?

Negligent security is responsible for a significant number of tragic assaults against people who are on someone else’s property. Here are some statistics which connect the percentage of crimes related to negligent security:

  • 42% of assault and battery cases
  • 26% of rape cases
  • 15% of wrongful death cases
  • 9% of robbery cases
  • 4% of false imprisonment cases
  • 4% of arson, home invasion, and carjacking cases

Of course, there is no way that any property owner can offer people 100% protection against criminals. However, if the evidence shows that the property owner’s negligence allowed you to get hurt on their property, then you have a right to seek compensation from them for your injuries.

Don’t try to handle your negligent security case alone. You’ll have a much better chance of winning your case if you hire a negligent security attorney to represent you. Negligent security attorneys have the necessary legal expertise to get you the maximum compensation you deserve for your injuries due to the property owner’s security negligence.

Why Hire the Louis Law Group?

When you hire Louis Law Group to manage your security negligence case, our attorneys will get to the bottom of what caused the negligence. Once we gather the evidence to prove negligence, we’ll have a compelling case to make for why you deserve compensation for your injuries.

Here are the common reasons for negligent security:

  • No video surveillance footage (or no one monitoring the video feed)
  • No security guards
  • Poor quality locks on doors and windows
  • Unauthorized people in the facility

Florida has strict premises liability laws requiring property owners and businesses to fulfill numerous legal requirements regarding the security and safety of their property. If they fail to follow these requirements and someone gets injured on the property, they could face both civil and possibly criminal penalties. Either way, you still have a robust civil case to make against them if you get injured on their property because of their security negligence.

Louis Law Group will represent you throughout the entire case. First, we’ll negotiate with the property owner and insurance company to win you a fair settlement. But if that doesn’t work, we’ll take them to court and allow a jury to decide the amount of compensation you deserve.

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What can I expect from my negligent security claim?

A negligent security claim must prove the property owner did not take adequate steps to maintain the safety and security of their commercial or residential premises. If you choose Louis Law Group to represent you in your claim case, we will evaluate the circumstances of the security negligence which led to your injury.

Our team of negligent security attorneys will collect and review all the evidence related to the case, such as the surveillance camera footage, medical reports, police reports, eyewitness statements, and the property’s condition. For instance, if a commercial business has broken locks on its doors and no surveillance cameras, it could face significant liability if someone gets hurt on its premises. These are the types of things we would look for during our evaluation of your case.

The collected evidence will allow us to negotiate a fair settlement with the property owner’s insurance company. But if the insurer or property owner refuses to settle, we will take them to court to pursue even more compensation.

How is the Louis Law Group different from other law firms in Florida?

There are lots of different law firms in Florida. However, the unique thing about the Louis Law Group is our reputation and experience with negligent security cases. We have attorneys in our firm who specialize in these exact types of cases. The attorneys have a proven track record of successfully negotiating with insurance companies and property owners for a fair negligent security claim settlement. You will receive compensation a lot sooner than you think if a settlement agreement gets made.

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