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Many South Floridians find it economical to travel around on a motorized scooter rather than in a car or truck. Motor scooters are easy to operate and help people travel throughout their local towns or cities.

Unfortunately, scooter accidents are also prevalent in South Florida. Since scooters are smaller and more fragile than traditional motor vehicles, they can suffer extensive damage in the event of an accident. But more importantly, the person operating the scooter could suffer severe injuries as well.

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When Do You Need to Hire a Scooter Accident Lawyer?

According to Florida Statutes Section 316.003(44), a vehicle with no more than three wheels is classified as a “motorized scooter.” In addition, its maximum speed cannot exceed 20 miles per hour while on a leveled surface. The scooter may or may not have a seat or saddle for the rider.

Scooters are more vulnerable on the open road. Since scooters are much slower than regular vehicles, they make other drivers more angry and anxious. The most common situations for scooter accidents are left turns, intersections, right turns, and speeders. If another vehicle collides with your scooter, you could suffer any number of physical, mental, emotional, or financial damages from the incident.

Scooter accident damages can leave you with many thousands of dollars worth of expenses. Fortunately, you don’t have to deal with this trauma on your own. A professional scooter accident lawyer can explain your legal rights in these situations and help you seek the maximum compensation possible. 

Why Hire the Louis Law Group?

If you need a professional scooter accident attorney, consider hiring the Louis Law Group to take on your case. We have extensive experience in handling scooter accident cases for our clients all across the South Florida region. You can benefit immensely from our legal services. Some of which include:

Free Case Evaluation: When you first visit our office, you will receive a free case evaluation. We will consider all the initial evidence and details involving your scooter accident case and calculate an estimated value of the damages you incurred. You are under no obligation to hire us at this point.

Evidence Collection: Scooter accident cases involve several different pieces of evidence, such as police reports, medical reports, eyewitness testimony, etc. Our attorneys have the experience to acquire all the necessary evidence to present a valid case to insurance companies and in a court of law.

Maximum Compensation: Our scooter accident attorneys will work aggressively on your behalf to seek full compensation for your scooter accident claim. We will negotiate with insurance companies and all the liable parties in an attempt to reach a settlement. If there is no settlement, we will go to court to pursue compensation in a civil trial.

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The Louis Law Group is committed to serving our clients and seeking the maximum compensation for their scooter accident-related injuries. Call us today for a free consultation at (954) 676-4179 and learn more about how we can help you during this difficult time in your life.

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We serve clients with scooter accident injury claims all across South Florida. These locations include:

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Are you in need of a Scooter accident lawyer? Our trained and experienced lawyers go the extra mile to fight for our clients and to make sure they receive the maximum amount of compensation for their injuries. We encourage you to contact us today. Call (954) 676-4179 for a free consultation.


How does the process of a scooter accident claim work?

The scooter accident claim process starts with a legal consultation at our office. During the consultation, we will review all the circumstantial evidence regarding the scooter accident claim. If it appears that you have grounds for compensation, we can assist you in this effort.

The first big step is to collect all the evidence in the scooter accident case. This helps us calculate the value of your claim so that we can seek the necessary compensation from all liable parties, including the insurance companies and motorists involved in the accident.

We hope to negotiate a fair settlement with all responsible parties to expedite your compensatory payment. Otherwise, we will take these parties to court on your behalf and allow a jury to decide on the amount of compensation you deserve.

Why should I choose the Louis Law Group?

There are several good reasons to choose the Louis Law Group rather than other law firms in South Florida. Overall, Louis Law Group is committed to client satisfaction by seeking maximum compensation in your scooter accident case. Our track record of successfully negotiating scooter accident claim settlements has made us one of the most sought-after law firms in the region.  

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