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Hotel Injury Accident Lawyer Miami, Broward, Palm Beach

Hotel Injury Accident Lawyer - LLG
Are you looking for a Hotel Injury Accident Lawyer?

The hospitality industry is a strong driver of the economy in Florida. There are approximately 455,377 rooms in hotels and motels across the state. Every hotel has a responsibility to perform maintenance and repairs to ensure the safety of the building for its guests.

Unfortunately, many Florida hotel managers and owners fail to uphold the necessary safety standards for their buildings. This neglect increases the likelihood of slip and fall accidents occurring on the hotel grounds. It only takes one fall for a guest to injure themselves severely.

Have you been injured at a hotel? If so, you should seek the legal services of a professional hotel injury accident lawyer to help you recover compensation for your injuries. The Louis Law Group has extensive experience in handling cases involving hotel injury accidents in Florida. When the hotel’s lawyers see that you have professional legal representation on your side, they will be more willing to settle than to go to court.

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When Do You Need to Hire a Hotel Injury Accident Lawyer?

There are many different kinds of Florida hotels. Some of them are massive 5-star resort hotels, while many others are small 2-star hotels. However, every type of Florida hotel is susceptible to neglect. It only takes one area of a hotel to be neglected for a person to get injured.

The most common areas of a hotel where injuries occur are as follows:

  • Front and back entrances
  • Lobbies and hallways
  • Parking garages and lots
  • On-site gyms and spa areas
  • On-site restaurants
  • Stairways and elevators
  • Hotel rooms

Slip and fall injuries may occur in these areas for several reasons. There could be wet floors, damaged floors, loose carpeting, unstable mats, or a lack of safety rails. Even the bathtubs inside the hotel rooms are supposed to have slip-resistant materials to protect guests from slipping and falling. But if any safety materials are not present, you can most likely blame the hotel for the accident and seek compensation from them.

Don’t expect the hotel to take responsibility, though. The hotel will usually try to blame the victim and say it was their fault. That is why you should not try negotiating a settlement with the hotel by yourself. Instead, you need to hire an experienced hotel injury accident lawyer who will be on your side and use the law to pursue sufficient compensation for your injuries.

Why Hire the Louis Law Group?

A hotel accident could cause a victim to suffer injuries to their back, shoulders, neck, knees, bones and possibly even the brain. But your medical bills alone are not the only damages you may suffer from a hotel accident. You could also suffer lost income, long-term rehabilitation, and mental and emotional trauma from the accident.

The Louis Law Group understands the rights of the victim in a hotel injury accident case. We will evaluate your claim carefully by reviewing the evidence and calculating the percentage of liability from the hotel in this case. Then we will pursue every legal avenue to recover the full value of the damages you incurred.

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Louis Law Group proudly serves clients with hotel injury accidents all across Florida. Some of these locations include:

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Are you in need of a Hotel injury accident lawyer? Our trained and experienced lawyers go the extra mile to fight for our clients and to make sure they receive the maximum amount of compensation for their injuries. We encourage you to contact us today. Call (954) 676-4179 for a free consultation.
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Denise Sainmelus
Denise Sainmelus
19:50 14 Jul 22
I ACTUALLY WISH I COULD GIVE A NEGATIVE STAR!! THIS IS BY FAR THE WORSE LAW FIRM IN THE HISTORY OF LAW FIRMS WITHIN THE... USA AND OVERSEAS! THEY DONT COMMUNICATE, THEY HAVE A ANSWERING SERVICE THAT DOESNT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THE OFFICES DAY TO DAY PRACTICE. THE CASE MANAGERS ARE THERE FOR 2 WEEKS THE MOST. They don’t relay appointments to clients, I’ve literally went 7 months without a call back which I requested 20 days in a row. They spread lies, they have no actual office line. I don’t even know how this place is in business this long. I reached the owner skinner Louis on Instagram he basically dismissed me professionally. This cannot be acceptable by the Florida barr! Sometimes I just want to cry because I don’t know anything about this freaking case. They are professional LIARS RUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNread more
The cat King
The cat King
01:53 15 Jul 21
Louis Law Group is the best law firm I have seen in my life, Saint John Insurance denied my claim almost immediately... since they do not want to pay any of their clients but Louis Law Group won my case and got me my deserved compensation and finally I replace my entire roof as it was severely damage due to a heavy wind, I will recommend Louis Law Group to all the people I know, including all my friends , family members and neighbours, I am truly deeply grateful to Louis Law Group , Thank you very muchread more
Michael Navaro
Michael Navaro
05:28 12 Aug 20
I am extremely satisfied with the results obtained from Louis Law Group. I put in a claim for roof damage on my home... due to heavy winds/rain and was denied. Most of the homes in my area also put in for damages. All had their roofs replace but I. I contacted Louis Law Group and they wasted no time in taking care of the situation. Within weeks I had my roof replaced with no cost. I highly recommended this prestigious Law Group, I could not say enough about them.read more
Hugo Segovia
Hugo Segovia
18:02 01 Jul 20
Outstanding service, very professional and keep us updated.
ketty moleon
ketty moleon
21:04 17 May 20
We had a great experience with Louis Law Group. We had a Citizens claim for a roof leak. Citizen denied the claim and... refused to pay us. But this law firm got us money for our claim, we got our roof repaired and had money to spare. I couldn’t say enough good things about the lawyers and the staff.read more
thao Staszewski
thao Staszewski
22:28 20 Feb 20
Superb service Always informed me on each step Excellent result for client I would recommend this firm 1000%
Tee Tisdale
Tee Tisdale
22:52 31 Jan 20
My experience with Louis Law Group was excellent, We had a problem with getting payments for the damage to our home... with our homeowners insurance, we had to hire Louis law Group to handle this matter, what we thought would take a year or more turn out to be a few months. Our lawyer Mr. Joseph Wald and staff was wonderful, he communicated with us from the beginning to the end. Attorney J.Ward can have our business any day. We recommend Louis Law Group very highly. To the staff Hats off to you, keep up the good job! We are very happy with the final result. Thank You so much. Mr. & Mrs. T. Tisdaleread more
Kenesta Deshommes
Kenesta Deshommes
04:13 31 Jan 20
Javon was so thorough and did his very best to ensure that our insurance paid out was was owed to us. I trusted him and... he delivered more than extraordinary service! Javon kept us informed every step of the way and went out of his way to get us more than what had expected. Not only would I referred you guys to him I would refer you to anyone in that office. Everyone had smiles on their faces. The entire office staff were professional & so welcoming. I wish that I could give the Louis Law Group 10stars instead of 5. P.S They have almond kisses at the front desk to reel you in, lol!! Love this office! XoXoread more
Elizabeth Mompoint
Elizabeth Mompoint
00:54 11 Dec 19
Pierre and his team are amazing! They really cater to you as a client and help you get the most from your insurance... company! Definitely would recommend!read more
Magalie Momplaisir
Magalie Momplaisir
00:17 11 Dec 19
I'm extremely pleased with the service I received from Louis Law Group. They're very professional. And they're willing... to go the extra mile to assist. I highly recommend them with anyone who needs to file a claim with there home insurance company.read more
A Chancy
A Chancy
16:46 21 Oct 19
Fighting with the insurance is the last thing anyone wants to tackle. The Louis law group is made up of sharp attorneys... willing to fight for you. We submitted a claim to our insurance company which they quickly denied. This law group picked up our case and was able to make the insurance company pay us for our losses. Although the process took awhile the firm made sure to keep us updated with all aspects of our case. I would highly recommend this firm to handle you battles with the insurance companies.read more
Herluxe Closet
Herluxe Closet
20:33 10 Oct 19
I had great experience with this law group everything was settle and great results.
20:22 07 Oct 19
Excellent law firm. One of the best experience I have had, they put they’re clients first and work for you none stop. I... love the passion and dedication they have for there clients. I highly recommend Louis Law Group.read more
Louis Law Group .
Louis Law Group .
14:02 08 Oct 14
5 stars for Mr. Pierre he properly represented me as my property insurance lawyer and got me results.
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How do hotel injury accident cases work?

When a lawsuit is filed against a hotel, we must prove that the hotel’s negligence caused unsafe conditions to exist in their building. If those conditions caused the hotel injury accident, you would have a strong case to file a premises liability claim against the hotel and seek maximum compensation.

Our attorneys are experts in filing and negotiating premises liability claims against hotels on behalf of our clients. We will collect and analyze all the existing evidence to give you the strongest case possible. If a settlement agreement cannot be made with the hotel, we will proceed to take the case to trial and argue for compensation on your behalf in front of a jury.

Will Louis Law Group help me recover maximum compensation for the damages that I suffered?

Yes, Louis Law Group always aims to recover the most compensation possible for its clients. We will evaluate all of the losses you suffered from the hotel accident and calculate a value for each loss.

For instance, we will pursue compensation on your behalf for your past medical expenses, future potential medical expenses, lost wages, reduced earning capacity, rehabilitation & recovery costs, and physical and emotional pain and suffering.

The total value of every hotel injury accident case is different. Our mission is to recover the full value of the damages you suffered from the accident.

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