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Disability Insurance Claim Denials Lawyer Florida

Disability Insurance Claims Florida
Are you looking for a Disability Insurance Claims Lawyer?

Have you been left disabled from an injury or disease? If this disability makes it impossible for you to work, you have the legal right to file a disability insurance claim for compensation.

The whole purpose of disability coverage is to give you financial protection if you cannot work because of a disability. If your insurance company does not pay the total amount of compensation owed to you under your disability insurance policy, then you have the right to contest their decision.

Did you know that 5.6% of working Americans experience some kind of short-term disability each year? A disability insurance claim could help secure your financial future if you’re unable to work. But if your insurance company undervalues or denies your disability insurance claim, it could leave you in financial ruin.

You already have enough to worry about with your disability alone. You shouldn’t have to stress by dealing with an insurance company over compensation you’re entitled to receive. That is why you should contact the disability insurance claim attorneys of Louis Law Group today. We can help you negotiate with your insurance company until they approve your claim for the full amount you’re entitled to receive.

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When Do You Need to Hire a Lawyer When Contesting a Disability Insurance Claim Decision?

Insurance companies are in the business of making money on the premium payments of their policyholders. When one of those policyholders files a disability insurance claim for a payout of their benefits, the insurance company looks for any reason to undervalue or deny the claim. That is how they try to sustain their profit margin and stay in business.

Fortunately, you have the legal right to receive disability payments as permitted under your insurance policy. If your insurance company ignores those rights by assuming you don’t understand them, they would be violating the law. But the only way you’re going to know that is if you have a lawyer on your side.

An insurance claims lawyer has sufficient experience in assisting clients with their disability insurance claims. A lawyer can review your disability insurance policy and explain all your legal rights to you. That way, you’ll know if you have a case to pursue against your insurance company if they undervalue or deny your claim.

It is always better to hire a lawyer before you file a disability insurance claim because your insurance company will be more likely to approve it the first time out. But if your disability insurance claim has already been denied, then contact a lawyer immediately. The sooner you can attempt to appeal the decision, the more luck you will have to get the decision reversed.

Why Hire the Louis Law Group?

We realize there are numerous law firms throughout South Florida. But if you would like to hire a law firm with a proven track record of winning disability claims for its clients, then you should hire the Louis Law Group.

Louis Law Group has experienced and talented lawyers who can offer a comprehensive suite of legal services to anyone who needs them in South Florida. So you will be in good hands when you entrust your disability insurance claim case with us.

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We serve clients with disability insurance claims all across South Florida. These locations include:

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Are you in need of a disability insurance claim denials lawyer lawyer? Our trained and experienced lawyers go the extra mile to fight for our clients and to make sure they receive the maximum amount of compensation for their claims. We encourage you to contact us today. Call (954) 676-4179 for a free consultation.


How does the disability insurance claim process work?

When you have suffered an injury or disease that has left you disabled and unable to work, the next step is to file a disability insurance claim with your insurance company. Your insurance company will review the cause and severity of the disability to determine the claim’s value. The insurer may decide to either approve, deny or undervalue your claim.

If the claim is undervalued or denied, then you will need a lawyer on your side to appeal the decision. Your lawyer can collect evidence and negotiate with the insurance company to get a fair settlement amount on your behalf. If a settlement is agreed upon, you will get paid quickly.

Settlements always payout compensation faster than a civil court proceeding. But in the rare case that we have to go to court, we will continue to represent you until the very end. 

How is the Louis Law Group different from other law firms in Florida?

Louis Law Group fights to protect the rights of our clients. If you suffer a disability that leaves you unable to work, we will ensure your insurance company honors their obligations outlined in the insurance policy. That is our job as your legal representatives. Once we have won you a successful outcome, you can feel financially secure as you attempt to recover from your disability.

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