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Hail Damage Insurance Claims Lawyer in Florida

Hail Damage Insurance Claim Lawyer in Floirda
Looking for a Hail Damage Insurance Claim Lawyer?

Have you recently suffered hailstorm damage? Have you been searching for a hail damage insurance claim lawyer that can help you obtain full and just compensation for the damage that you’ve suffered?

If so, we encourage you to contact the Louis Law Group. Our lawyers are experienced, knowledgeable, and first in class. They are here to help you with all aspects of your hail damage insurance claim.

Whether you just experienced hail damage or have been negotiating with your insurance company for some time, our attorneys are here to serve you.

To obtain a free consultation for your hail damage insurance claim, go ahead and call our attorneys at (954) 676-4179.

Why You Should Hire a Hail Damage Insurance Claim Lawyer

While it may not be the first thing that comes to mind, hailstorm damage can be tremendously disruptive. The difficult part is that hail doesn’t consistently occur throughout the year. In many instances, it occurs in one significant storm.

That hailstorm, however, can cause all types of damage. For instance, according to the National Weather Service, hail the size of a softball accompanied a severe thunderstorm in Lakes Wales. That thunderstorm caused $15 million in damage. Hail larger than a baseball was also found in a severe thunderstorm near Orlando. While it is difficult to predict these events in advance, they can create all types of damage. According to one study from 2000 to 2013, Florida had the third-highest average claim severity from hail events. The average severity of insurance claims was a little less than $8,000.

When this damage occurs, you will naturally want to seek compensation from your insurance company. That being said, insurance companies can deny your claim for any number of reasons. Among other things, they can argue that you don’t have enough evidence for your claim, that your policy doesn’t cover your claim, or something else.

An attorney can help you navigate these challenges and maximize the potential payout for your claim. They can represent you as you are communicating with an insurance company or even take your claim to trial. Whatever your objectives, your hailstorm damage insurance claim lawyer can ease your worries and help you obtain a positive income.

Why Hire the Louis Law Group?

At the Louis Law Group, our attorneys are tasked with helping you with your hail damage insurance claim. Whether you are trying to obtain a fair settlement or want to proceed to trial, we can help you with all aspects of your claim.

Some of the ways that we can help include the following:

  • Analyzing Your Policy: Our experienced attorneys can understand what your policy covers and craft the best possible arguments when sitting down with your insurance company.
  • Gathering Evidence: We can gather all relevant evidence you need to present the best possible claim.
  • Commencing Litigation: If it aligns with your goals, we can begin litigation against your insurance company.

No matter your goals or objectives, our attorneys can help you get the most value for your hail damage insurance claim.

Contact Us Today

If you are searching for a law firm that will help you advance your hail damage insurance claim, don’t hesitate to contact us. Once again, you can obtain your free consultation by calling (954) 676-4179. We can’t wait to hear from you!

We help clients with hail damage property claims throughout Florida

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If your property is located anywhere in the State of Florida and has sustained hail damage, the Louis Law Group can help you with an existing roof claim or with filing a new claim against your homeowner's insurance company. Call (954) 676-4179 for a free consultation.


What separates you from other law firms?

At its core, the Louis Law Group is about stellar client service. No matter the size or scope of your hailstorm damage insurance claim, our lawyers provide white-glove service to all of our clients.

This outstanding service starts from the moment that you contact our firm. Our attorneys will sit down with you and understand your objectives—whatever they are—in resolving your hail damage insurance claim. Whether you are looking for a more amicable solution with your insurance company or want to take your claim all the way to trial, we are here to serve you.

How do I get started?

To get started, simply call us at (954) 676-4179 for your free consultation. On that call, one of our lawyers will hear about your hail damage insurance claim and understand your goals and objectives. From there, our attorneys will get to work. They will do everything from gathering evidence of your hail damage to sitting down and negotiating with your insurance company. Ultimately, by working with us, your hail damage insurance claim is in good hands.

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