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Hurricane Damage Insurance Claims Lawyer in Florida

Everyone living in Florida needs to be on the lookout for hurricanes. These storms can cause a tremendous amount of damage to homes and property. A study by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration found that $1.75 trillion in damages were recorded as a result of weather and climate-related disasters between 1980 and 2019.

The hurricane property damage claim attorneys at Louis Law Group are second to none. They have extensive experience in helping our clients obtain full compensation from their insurers. Whether your insurer has totally denied your hurricane property damage claim or proposed an inadequate settlement, our attorneys can substantially increase your odds of receiving payment for your damage.

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Common Types of Hurricane Damage

Whether you have lived in Florida for one year or many years, you undoubtedly recognize that hurricanes can be lethal. They take the lives of you and your family and cause an immense amount of property damage amounting to tens of thousands of dollars or more).

As you can imagine, many different types of damage can result from a hurricane. They include:

  • Water damage: This is arguably one of the most worrisome threats, as even a moderate storm can cause an immense amount of harm in your home. Water that enters the structure can damage everything from furniture and appliances to walls and flooring. You’ll need extensive renovations to recover from water damage caused by a hurricane.
  • Roof damage: This is another prominent hurricane-related threat. As hurricanes increase in intensity, the more likely it is that powerful winds will damage your roof. If the roof collapses, the damage can be catastrophic.
  • Wind damage: In the thick of a hurricane, large items and other debris can strike your home, and even smash your windows and create havoc in your house.
  • Fire damage: Fire damage is a threat you must take seriously during a hurricane. As just one example, sparks from a downed power line can cause a major fire. From there, anything can happen.
  • Hail damage: Finally, some hurricanes can even cause hail damage. While it may not be as common as roof or water damage, hail damage can be extremely costly.

Have you suffered any of the above types of damage from a recent hurricane? If so, feel free to contact us for a free consultation. We’ll be happy to walk you through your options for obtaining full compensation for your hurricane property damage claim.

Unexpected Obstacles When Filing a Claim

Experiencing any type of hurricane damage is stressful. You might need to find a place to live in on temporary basis, and you’ll have to repair or replace any items that were damaged during the storm.

It is at this point that many individuals contact their insurance companies. After all, they assume that since they pay their annual premiums for homeowner’s insurance and/or hurricane insurance that their insurance company will fully compensate them for any and all damage suffered during the storm.

The reality, however, is quite different. A good number of policyholders find that their insurer does not fully compensate them for hurricane damage. There are many different reasons why this occurs, including the following:

  • Damage outside the scope of your policy: An insurer may argue that the damage you suffered during the hurricane isn’t technically covered by your policy. They may cite a certain provision in your insurance agreement and argue that it precludes you from receiving compensation for the damage incurred.
  • Late payments: If you are late with your premium payment and your property suffers damage from a hurricane, your insurer may argue that it doesn’t need to cover you. While this is a relatively straightforward issue, there may be a dispute about whether the payment was actually on time or not.
  • Preexisting damage: Your insurer may argue that some (or all) of the damage you suffered from a hurricane already existed before the hurricane occurred.
  • Unnecessary repairs: Insurers can argue that the repairs or compensation that you are requesting is unnecessary.

Even if you are covered, your insurer may still hesitate to provide full compensation. You may receive less compensation than you expected. In some circumstances, you may get full compensation, but the payment may be delayed for weeks or months.

How Louis Law Group Can Help You

Outright rejections or delays in coverage shouldn’t be typical, yet they are. Because of this, we encourage you to seek legal representation from Louis Law Group. Our staff of attorneys is experienced, knowledgeable, hard-working, and motivated to help you obtain the compensation you deserve.

Our attorneys can help you at every stage of the claims process. The many services they provide include:

  • Analyzing your policy and giving you an objective opinion on the merits of your claim.
  • Gathering all the necessary documents and evidence to support your claim.
  • Communicating with your insurer on everything from procedural steps to submitting a claim and negotiating potential settlement offers.
  • Proceeding with litigation if necessary.

When you work with a Louis Law Group attorney, you’ll get some much-needed peace of mind that will allow you to focus on getting your post-hurricane life back on track. Just let our attorneys take on all of the heavy work associated with your insurance claim.

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