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Has your restaurant recently experienced significant damage? Moreover, have you been trying to obtain compensation from your insurance company but keep hitting roadblocks?

It can be frustrating to deal with all of the work and steps of being fully compensated for your restaurant insurance claim. There is significant red tape and that red tape can be extremely frustrating to navigate.

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Because of this, we encourage you to contact our excellent attorneys at Louis Law Group. Working with our lawyers, you can maximize your odds of full compensation and free up time to focus on your recovery.

Why You Should Hire a Restaurant Fire Damage Insurance Claim Attorney

So why is hiring a restaurant fire damage insurance claim attorney so valuable? After all, you have plenty of other expenses on your plate. Recovering from fire damage (or other damage) to your restaurant, you will certainly be watching your bills. According to 2018 data from the State Fire Marshal of Florida, there was over $478 million in property losses from fires. While this data didn’t solely focus on restaurants, it goes to show that property damage can be extremely expensive. 

Ultimately, however, there are several reasons why a restaurant fire damage insurance claim attorney can add immense value to you and your business.

Most prominently, a restaurant fire damage insurance claim attorney can help you get the highest dollar amount for your claim. Of course, nothing is guaranteed. Hiring an attorney doesn’t mean that you’ll get your desired payout. That being said, working with an attorney, you can maximize your odds of obtaining full compensation. Your attorney can negotiate with your insurance company and best represent your interests—even if you have to go to trial.

An attorney can also give you more time. Navigating the claims process can be cumbersome and frustrating. It takes up valuable time that you would otherwise spend on mission-critical tasks. Working with an attorney, you can open up your schedule for other responsibilities.

Finally, attorneys provide peace of mind. Upon retaining an attorney for your property damage, you can be reassured that your claim is in good hands.

How Louis Law Group Can Help

At Louis Law Group, we put our clients first. Our attorneys have extensive experience with restaurant insurance claims and can put you in the best position to succeed. Specifically, working with our firm, you benefit from the following:

  • A stellar team: From our attorneys to our legal support staff, you get a knowledgeable, intelligent, and driven team in your corner.
  • A client-first attitude: We understand that damage to your business can be devastating. We want to help you accomplish your goals with your restaurant insurance claim—whatever they are.
  • A local footprint: With locations in many cities throughout Florida, it is extremely convenient to visit and work with our attorneys.

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We help clients with roof damage property claims throughout Florida

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If your restaurant is located anywhere in the State of Florida and has sustained any types of damages, the Louis Law Group can help you with an existing roof claim or with filing a new claim against your homeowner’s insurance company. Call (954) 676-4179 for a free consultation.


Why should I choose your law firm over other law firms?

We think that Louis Law Group is one of the best law firms in Florida for handling your restaurant insurance claim.

There are several reasons why we are the go-to law firm for these types of claims. For one thing, our attorneys are experienced with these types of claims. Working with you, we can rely on our knowledge and experience to substantially increase your odds of obtaining the recovery you desire.

We also understand that your claim is different from others. We don’t apply the same approach for all of our clients. Instead, we use the facts and evidence you give us to provide the best possible representation.

Where are you based in Florida?

At Louis Law Group, we are extremely proud that we can serve clients from all over the state. You can find our lawyers in cities like Orlando, Tampa Bay, Jacksonville, West Palm Beach, Naples, and Tallahassee.

We believe that an extensive footprint across the state of Florida allows us to provide the best possible experiences for our clients. Being based in some of Florida’s largest cities, we can easily meet with our clients and gather any necessary evidence. We can’t wait to serve you.

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