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Jacksonville Beach Property Damage Claim Attorney

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Looking to hire a Jacksonville Beach Property Damage Claim Attorney?

If your Jacksonville Beach residential property is damaged, you’ll want to fix it, and fast. If you file an insurance claim and your insurance company delays the process, denies your claim, or offers you a settlement that’s too low, you still have an opportunity to fight for more. The knowledgeable group at Louis Law Group will work tirelessly to protect your rights and get you the money you deserve to repair your home and property.

Property Damage Covers a Lot 

Although Jacksonville Beach is an amazing place to call home, everyone homeowner runs the risk that their house might be damaged because of circumstances beyond their control. Some of the most common property damage claims are for damage and destruction caused by:


Excessive rain, flooding, sinkholes, and damaged pipes and plumbing can all cause expensive damage to your property. If your homeowner’s insurance policy covers flooding, you deserve fast and sufficient compensation so you can make the necessary repairs and get back to your usual comfortable lifestyle as soon as possible.


The next most destructive force that can affect your home and property is fire. Flames and smoke from even a small fire can spread rapidly and destroy your belongings or the entire home. Water damage caused by the water used to douse the flames may complicate the post-fire issues.


Hurricanes and other storms can bring very strong winds that damage roofs and siding. They can also knock over trees that might fall on your property, causing additional destruction. This is a serious problem in Florida due to the frequent extreme weather events.

Hurricanes and storms cause more expensive problems in this state than most other causes of damage. They result in water, wind, hail, and even fire damage, so make sure your insurance policy covers these perils. Contact an attorney for additional help to ensure that, if the need arises, you’ll get an appropriate settlement for whatever property you need to recover.


Criminals that break into your home can damage your property and make off with your expensive belongings. If that happens, you’ll need money for repairs and to regain your sense of security and replace stolen objects as soon as possible. Although theft is not the most common reason for insurance claims in Jacksonville Beach, theft claims are filed every year.

Why Choose a Jacksonville Beach Property Damage Claim Attorney? 

The days, weeks, and even months after damage occurs are full of stress and strain. That’s why you should get help from professionals who understand how to work with insurance companies and maximize settlement offers. While you focus on a secure and comfortable place to live, let the pros handle the paperwork, negotiations, and more.

Hiring an attorney doesn’t always mean you want to file a lawsuit. Our services start with making sure your insurer is fulfilling all the terms of your policy so you can recover as quickly as possible.

Call (954) 676-4179 or fill out our contact form to schedule a consultation or learn more about how Louis Law Group can help you with your property damage claim.

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