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If your Jacksonville home is covered by insurance and sustains damage, your insurance company is legally obligated to compensate you accordingly. However, when your insurer refuses to acknowledge your claim, undervalues it, or rejects it, you need to seek expert help.

Get in touch with the office of the Louis Law Group today for a free consultation. Chat with us about your policy. As authorized property damage claim lawyers in Jacksonville, we can file a claim with the insurance company on your behalf and compel them to rightfully compensate you – to the very last penny – whatever you are due.

To book a consultation with one of our experienced property damage claim lawyers based in Jacksonville, call (904) 496-0600

We’re Experts At Handling All Kinds of Jacksonville Property Claims

Usually, homeowners’ insurance will typically cover damage caused by fire, storms, burst plumbing pipes, and other unforeseen and uncontrollable accidents. If your property sustains any damage, you would naturally expect your insurer to give your claim prompt attention and to compensate you quickly.

But what happens when the insurer acts in bad faith and denies your claim, undervalues your claim, or refuses to acknowledge or respond to it? Not to worry, the Florida property insurance laws preserve your rights in such circumstances.

For any assistance regarding a Jacksonville property claim, get in touch with the Law Office of the Louis Law Group. We can help owners with a variety of damage claims, including claims for:

  • Structural fires
  • Hurricanes
  • Downed trees
  • Sewer line blockages
  • Tropical storms
  • Damaging winds
  • Blocked water lines
  • Lightning

Policies may vary from insurer to insurer, but generally, homeowners’ policies cover all or some of the following items:

  • Replacement or repair of Florida rooms, garages, guest houses, etc.
  • Replacement or repair of your home
  • Replacement or repair of balconies, decks, pools, etc.
  • Remuneration for destroyed or damaged items
  • Debris removal
  • Compensation for any costs arising from displacement
  • Compensation for property protection and boarding up
  • Compensation for disaster remediation (e.g., mold removal, water extraction).

Our experienced legal team will review your damage, record any covered losses, and then file a claim on your behalf with the insurance company. Also, we will oversee the entire claim process, which will give you the time you need to focus on getting your life back to normal.

Contact a Jacksonville Property Claim Lawyer near you, call (904) 496-0600.

Find Out How A Jacksonville Property Claim Lawyer Can Assist With Your Case

At Louis Law Group, we pledge to do everything possible to help you get the compensation you’re entitled to, as stated in your claim. To save costs, insurance companies may try to undervalue your loss or deny our claim outright.

Some of the notorious antics used by insurance companies include:

  • Denying that you have active coverage
  • Rejecting your claim
  • Denying that the incurred damages are covered
  • Reluctance to review your claim
  • Undervaluing your claim.

Also, your insurer may send an un-certified adjuster to access your loss. As stipulated by the law, they can neither dissuade you from hiring a property claim lawyer or make any untrue statements.

Regardless of the outcome of your claim, we will ensure that the insurance company is completely accountable for their obligations to you as stipulated in your policy. Below are a few ways we can be of service to you:

  • Documenting and investigating the extent of your damages
  • Filing your claim with your insurance company on your behalf
  • Negotiating on your behalf to get you the best possible settlement.

Our expert legal team will take care of every detail of your case, including maintaining regular communication with your insurer’s lawyers, your insurance company, and other relevant parties affiliated with your claim process.

Apart from assisting you with documenting and filing your initial property claim, we can also be of help in the following ways:

Appealing A Denied Property Claim

If your insurance company has denied your claim, we will have our legal team comb through your policy and find the reason for the rejection. Wherever your insurer rejects a claim for covered losses, we will provide more documentation and proof, and do anything required to obtain a more favorable settlement.

Renegotiating an Undervalued Compensation Offer

If your insurance company is trying to low ball the cost of damages you’ve incurred, we will provide more proof and documentation to back up your claim for a revised and fair settlement for your losses.

Revising Your Initial Property Damage Claim

If after submitting your original claim you discover additional or omitted damages, we will provide supporting documents and ask for a revised demand. Also, we will negotiate on your behalf for a revised settlement.

Probing a Delayed Claim

If your insurance company is refusing to acknowledge or review your claim, we will compel them to review your claim and quickly come up with a settlement offer.

If every effort to get the insurer to attend to your claim falls through, or if continued attempts to get them to resolve your claim with a fair offer fails, we can file a lawsuit that will compel them to respond. There is a time frame within which you must proceed with a legal action for a property claim. Therefore, compelling the insurer is sometimes the only viable option, or you risk forgoing the right to compensation via a civil court action.

Documenting and Evaluating the Value of Your Jacksonville Property Claim

We start by identifying and investigating all sustained damages and covered losses. We will then proceed to document each of them in a bid to get you the best compensation.

We commonly use some or all of the following to document your claim:

  • Property repair estimates
  • Receipts for any replaced items
  • Receipts for disaster remediation costs
  • Receipts for displacement expenditures (e.g., food, hotel, transportation)
  • Itemized lists of damaged or lost items
  • Receipts for all items used to secure the property (such as tarps, plywood, etc.)
  • Videos or photos of your home before it suffered losses
  • Videos or photos of your damaged home.

If the amount of property damage is more than what is stated in your policy – or if your home suffers irreparable damage – we will file a claim for the maximum value of your policy. However, note that the insurance company will deduct your policy’s deductible from your final settlement total.

Also, it is important to add that you should never avail yourself to any statement or sign any documents from your insurance provider without first consulting a property claim lawyer. By doing so, you may give up your rights to future compensation if you discover other damages later.

Get a Free Case Review and Property Claim Consultation in Jacksonville

If your insurance company acts in bad faith, or if you feel you’re entitled to a higher property claim settlement, Louis Law Group can offer expert guidance and assistance. Furthermore, we can have our competent property claim legal team based in Jacksonville thoroughly review your policy at no charge, and help you better understand what it covers. We will not request any fees until you have been rightfully compensated for any losses you incurred.

Remember, you don’t have to battle with your insurer on your own. Contact our officecall (904) 496-0600 and let us handle your claim today.

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