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A Jacksonville property damage attorney is who you’ll want in your corner after your property suffers unpreventable damage. The Louis Law Group has Jacksonville property damage attorneys who can represent clients with insurance claims related to water damage, roof damage, fire damage, hurricane damage, or mold damage.

Do not trust your insurance company to handle your case honestly. They care more about saving money than they do about your property damage situation. Their objective is to give you a low settlement or deny your claim altogether if they can find grounds to do so. If they make you an offer, it probably won’t be anywhere near the amount you need to repair the damage to your property.

For this reason, you need professional legal representation to talk with your insurance company on your behalf. The Jacksonville property damage attorneys of the Louis Law Group will make sure that your insurance company pays you every dime that you are owed under your insurance policy. We understand the insurance laws of Florida, so they won’t dear try to undervalue your claim while we’re representing you.

Reliable Hurricane Damage Attorneys in Jacksonville, FL

Hurricanes strike Florida every year now. As a property owner in Jacksonville, your property will likely suffer damage whenever a hurricane approaches the east coast of Florida. Sometimes the damage will include minor roof damage, but it could also include severe damage to the entire structure of your home or building. If that’s the case, your insurance claim will be worth a lot of money.

Hire our reliable hurricane damage attorneys in Jacksonville to assist you in processing your hurricane damage claim. Insurance companies like to delay and deny these claims because they’re worth many thousands of dollars in most cases. But if you have our attorneys putting pressure on your insurance company, they will agree to pay you a fair amount of compensation within a shorter timeframe.

Expert Mold Damage Attorney in Jacksonville, FL

If your property experiences mold damage because of a leaky pipe, roof, or appliance, then you can seek compensation from your insurance company for it. Just make sure you address the issue immediately instead of waiting for it to get worse. Otherwise, your insurance company will give you a difficult time when deciding whether to approve your claim.

Our mold damage attorneys in Jacksonville have a unique set of legal skills as they pertain to mold damage claims. We know how to negotiate good settlements with insurance companies on these types of claims. Since mold damage claims are difficult to prove, you’ll need the best legal minds on your side here. 

Professional Water Damage Attorneys in Jacksonville, FL

Water damage is a serious thing for any type of property. Just a small flood, pipe leak, roof leak, or washing machine leak could cause thousands of dollars in damage to your property. When you go to file a water damage insurance claim, your insurer might blame you for the water damage and possibly deny your claim. You cannot take the chance of allowing this end result to happen.

We have professional water damage attorneys in Jacksonville who can fight for your rights under these circumstances. If the water damage happened at not fault of your own, then your insurance company is supposed to compensate you for it. To make sure they do, we will be the ones to discuss the settlement agreement with them on your behalf.

Successful Roof Damage Attorneys in Jacksonville, FL

Many property owners neglect their roofs. After all, it is one of the last areas of a home that gets inspected because it is so high up off the ground. Most people don’t even bother to inspect their roofs, nor do they hire professional roofers to do it for them. Because of this, their roofs might suffer damage over time without them even noticing.

When your insurance company inspects your damaged roof, they might look for an escape hole by claiming the damage was a preexisting condition. Once that happens, your claim could get denied or undervalued. The best defense against this outcome is to hire our roof damage attorneys of Jacksonville. We’ll collect evidence and negotiate a more successful outcome for your insurance claim.

Trained Fire Damage Attorneys in Jacksonville, FL

You’ll want to have our professionally trained fire damage attorneys on your side whenever you need to file a fire damage claim. It doesn’t take much fire damage for a property to suffer irreversible damage that costs thousands of dollars to repair. Fires may happen for unexpected reasons, such as old wiring or faulty electrical devices.

When they happen to your property, you should be properly represented throughout the claims process. The fire damage attorneys of the Louis Law Group will be there for you from beginning to end. We are trained to deal with insurance companies regarding fire damage claims and to fight for the most compensation for our clients in these matters.

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Your property damage insurance claim might be the only thing that can salvage your finances after damage strikes your property. Do not go unrepresented because your insurance company will take advantage of that. But if they see that you have a professional legal team like Louis Law Group helping you out, then your insurer will treat you fairer. 

The Louis Law Group is available to any commercial or residential property owner in Jacksonville who has suffered property damage. You can reach our offices at (954) 676-4179 to request a free consultation. If you’d like to learn more about our legal services regarding property damage claims, click here.  

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