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Kendall Property Damage Claim Attorney

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Looking to hire a Kendall Property Damage Claim Attorney?

Because you pay your insurance bill every month, you expect to receive help and compensation if your Kendall home incurs property damage. Unfortunately, insurance companies may offer low settlements or contest or deny your claim. But you don’t have to fight for your rights on your own. Instead, get a qualified Kendall property damage claim attorney from Louis Law Group on your side!

Types of Residential Property Damage

The following are the most common causes of property damage claims in Kendall.

Hurricane, Storms, and Weather 

One of the biggest weather threats in this state is summer storms and hurricanes that pack wild winds, excessive rainfall, and other destructive forces like hail. Residential property insurance companies handle more of these types of claims than any other in this region. Make sure you’re protected before the next storm season.

House Fires 

When a fire occurs on your property, it is a frightening experience that can cause stress and strain for a long time. The damage comes not only from the flames but also from smoke and the water used to put it out. However, your whole house doesn’t need to be destroyed for you to seek compensation from your insurance company.

Water and Mold 

These two destructive issues go hand in hand. While water damage can occur from storms and flooding, it’s also possible that broken pipes or other plumbing issues cause damage. In Florida’s warmer and humid climate, mold growth can quickly set in and cause serious health issues. You need the insurance funds available to repair and remediate mold growth in your home.

Break-ins and Other Criminal Issues 

If thieves or vandals can damage your home or make off with expensive items, you need to repair or replace them. You’ll also want to feel secure again as soon as possible. An insurance settlement can help make this happen faster.

The Benefits of a Kendall Property Damage Claim Attorney 

These and other types of damage deserve a swift and sufficient payout from your insurance provider. However, if you run into delays or are offered an excessively low settlement offer, a Kendall property damage attorney can help you by speeding up the process and making sure you get everything you deserve according to the terms of your insurance policy.

After the stress and expense of a hurricane, burst pipe, fire, or break-in, you want satisfaction as soon as possible. You need money to recover, rebuild, and get back to your normal life. The right attorney can review your insurance paperwork, gather evidence, and handle all communication with your insurer to facilitate a higher settlement for you.

If you experience property damage in Kendall, contact Louis Law Group. Share your story with us using our easy online contact form or give us a call at (954) 676-4179 to schedule an initial consultation or find answers to your questions.

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