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Truck Accident Lawyer Key West
Are you in need of a Truck Accident Lawyer Key West?

All vehicular accidents can cause serious problems, but a commercial truck accident adds complexity and has greater potential for injury and damage to your car. If you’re hurt, require ongoing medical treatment, are forced to take time off work, and need your vehicle fixed or replaced, you can’t waste time. Get help from the experienced truck accident attorneys at Louis Law Group and leave the legal heavy lifting to us.

Injuries, Damages, and Fair Compensation 

Who determines how much financial compensation you receive after a serious truck injury in Key West? If you don’t hire a skilled attorney with knowledge of Florida law, you’ll have to accept whatever the trucking company’s insurance agency wants to give you. In many cases, this will be insufficient to cover all your medical bills and personal damages.

Your need for ongoing medical care may stem from broken bones, severe cuts and bruises, spinal column damage, whiplash, traumatic brain injury, or other serious issues. Compensation for damages to your vehicle or other property is also something to consider. After all, you’ll likely need your car to get to and from work and take care of yourself and your family.

Who Is at Fault For a Truck Accident? 

While it makes sense to blame the driver of the truck, this assumption doesn’t always stand up in a commercial vehicle accident. This is just one reason why engaging a competent accident attorney makes so much sense. You need someone who can gather all the necessary information to make the claim process easier. It can also increase your chances of obtaining higher compensation in the long run.

Other possible responsible parties include the trucking company itself. If they failed to maintain or repair the vehicle properly, an accident could result from failed brakes, insecure loads, or other mechanical failures. The people or organization responsible for loading the truck may also carry some fault if they did their jobs incorrectly.

What Steps Does a Truck Accident Attorney Take? 

After meeting with you during an initial consultation to discuss your case, the legal team in Key West, FL begins the arduous process of collecting all the needed information and using it effectively. The end goal is to defend your right to appropriate compensation for your injuries, time off work, and property damage. Every client has a different story to tell, different injuries, and different circumstances surrounding the crash itself.

Getting hit by a commercial truck can cause severe damages and life-changing injuries. When you face ongoing medical care and extreme expenses, you need help from an attorney that understands what you’re going through. Louis Law Group has a strong track record for standing up for car accident victims’ rights and getting the awards their clients deserve promptly.

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