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Kissimmee Property Damage Claim Attorney

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Looking to hire a Kissimmee Property Damage Claim Attorney?

A Kissimmee, FL property damage claim attorney can help protect your rights after you file an insurance claim. If your home has been damaged by an extreme weather event, a fire, theft, or other serious peril, you deserve a swift and sufficient payout. When you work with Louis Law Group, you’ll have a team of dedicated and experienced professionals on your side.

Property Damage Claims Covered 

The following are among the most common reasons why people file property damage claims in the Kissimmee area:


If something on your property catches fire, it can damage your home structure, belongings, landscaping, and other items like your deck, fencing, or garden shed. Whether it’s a catastrophic full-structure fire or a small kitchen fire that causes only minor damage, you deserve an appropriate settlement from your insurance company so you can fix everything and get back to your normal life as quickly as possible.


Plumbing issues and flooding can affect your Kissimmee home with equally destructive force. They can ruin wallboard and flooring, affect your plumbing and electrical systems, and destroy property like furniture and interior decor. Mold growth is an additional serious concern that needs prompt attention.

Wind and Storms 

Florida is prone to hurricanes and thunderstorms that can cause considerable property damage, no matter what part of the state you live in. The most destructive forces come in the form of excessive rain, storm surges, flooding, and wind damage. Whether the damage to your home is related to torn-off siding to fallen trees, your insurance company must step up so you can restore your home as quickly as possible.

Theft and Criminal Activity 

Unfortunately, every homeowner runs the risk of experiencing a break-in or vandalism. If these horrible things happen to you, your insurance provider should cover the cost of repairs and replacement of property in a prompt manner. This will help you move past the trauma and feel secure in your house once again.

The Benefits of Using a Top Kissimmee Property Damage Claim Lawyer

Who wants to deal with slow-moving insurance companies after their home is damaged by fire, a hurricane, theft, or for any other reason? Engage the services of an experienced Kissimmee property damage claim legal team to handle everything for you. You don’t want or need any extra stress during these difficult times.

While you organize your life after the catastrophe and begin recovering and rebuilding, we can review your policy, gather evidence, fill out paperwork, handle communication, and renegotiate with your insurer for the highest settlement possible. If necessary, we’ll also stand up for your rights in court.

The knowledgeable team at Louis Law Group is ready to help you with your property damage claim. Please fill out our simple online contact form or call us at (954) 676-4179 to book a free consultation.

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