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Florida Denied American Integrity Claim Lawyer

Natural disasters are no stranger to Florida. When they occur – and they are inevitable – you expect your insurance company to pay your claims to cover any damages. However, insurers aren’t keen to hand over their money, which is why you may need help to get what you’re owed from them. If your American Integrity property claim is denied, ask Louis Law Group to fight for you. We’ll study your American Integrity insurance policy and help you with the appeal process to get the compensation you deserve.

Why Your Property Claim May Be Denied

Your insurance company may deny your claim for repairs and damages for a number of reasons. Common ones include:

  • Insufficient information on the claim.
  • Inaccurate information on the claim.
  • A deductible was not reached.
  • The damage in the claim is outside of the scope of the insurance policy.
  • The damages are your fault.
  • You did not pay your insurance premiums and your policy is inactive.
  • You missed the deadline by which you needed to file a claim.
  • The cause of the damages is ambiguous.
  • The cause of the damage is considered to be neglect.

Since insurance policies vary, you’ll have to get your plan reviewed. We can help you with that.

How We Can Help Appeal Your Claim

If your denied American Integrity property claim is causing you frustration and headache, let us help you appeal it. We understand how much a denied claim can affect your life, so we’re here to assist you in any way we can. With Louis Law Group on your side, the appeals process will be as easy as possible.

Here’s how we make that happen.

Collect All Necessary Information

There are some situations where all that’s needed to get an American Integrity claim approved is additional information. Our experienced attorneys will do their research and collect as much information as possible to create a strong appeal for you.

Reassess Your Damages

We can reassess the damages in your claim. In certain situations, we may bring in outside adjuster to take a closer look at your claim. Using the information we gather, we’ll put together a strong appeal.

Submit Your Appeal

We’ll keep track of all the paperwork that needs to be filed for your appeal, ensure deadlines are met, and that any additional information is provided to your insurance company, if necessary.

Fight For You

We will work tirelessly for you, even if that means taking your claim to court. Our experienced team of attorneys will present your claim to the court, while ensuring you’re notified of any updates to your case.

Louis Law Group will be your ally throughout the appeals process for your denied American Integrity property claim. We’ll do everything we can to get you the compensation you’re owed.

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