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Florida is replete with natural beauty. Most of the time, you can live in your home while enjoying what the state has to offer, without any issues. However, every year, tropical storms, hurricanes, floods, and even tornadoes wreak havoc upon the state. Properties and homes are destroyed, sometimes irreparably. This is why it’s important to insure your home against damage caused by natural disasters.

However, even if you’re insured by a company like Aspen, your claim may be denied. Insurance companies make money by collecting premiums and paying out as little as possible for claims. If your Aspen property claim was denied, we can help. The team at Louis Law Group will examine your Aspect insurance policy and help you navigate the appeal process.

Why Your Claim May Be Denied

You may have filled out all sorts of forms to submit your claim to Aspen, and thought you did so correctly, but received a denial. You may be confused about why your claim was denied. There are several possible reasons, most of which are easily resolved. But unless we review your insurance policy, we can’t say with absolute certainty why your claim was denied.

That said, here are the most common reasons why claims are denied:

  • Insufficient information in the claim.
  • Not enough proof of the damage.
  • The filing deadline was missed.
  • Damages are not covered by the policy.
  • Another party (such as a municipality or contractor) is liable for the damages.
  • The damages were due to regular wear and tear.
  • The amount to repair the damages is less than the policy’s deductible.

If you’re wondering why Aspen denied your claim, contact us today so we can go over your case.

What is the Statute of Limitations for Florida Property Claims?

According to Florida state law, there is a statute of limitations in regard to filing a property damage claim. Depending on what caused the damage to your property, you will have either more or less time to get damages. In the case of damages incurred as a result of a hurricane, you are required to file a claim within three years of the date the damage was incurred. If the damage was caused by another party’s neglectful behavior, you have four years to file a claim.

Most of the time, the statute of limitations for property claims will apply even when you didn’t spot the damage until later on. This is why you should do your due diligence and inspect your property after any natural disaster.

If you’re dealing with a denied Aspen property claim, contact Louis Law Group to learn what you can do about it. We can draft an appeal for you, which will help you get compensated by Aspen. We can make the appeal process much simpler. Contact our office, call (954) 676-4179, so we can examine your insurance policy and claim. We’ll go over all of your options. We’re determined to do whatever it takes to get you whatever compensation you’re owed by Aspen.

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