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Florida Denied Avatar Claim Lawyer

If you’re like most people, your home is your most valuable asset. To ensure it’s protected, you take out an insurance policy so that an unexpected mishap damages the property, you’ll have money to pay for repairs. Sadly, insurance claims don’t always work that way. If you’re with Avatar, your property claim might be denied, which can be a stressful and frustrating experience, especially if you’ve been with the insurance provider for a long time.

Why Avatar May Have Rejected Your Claim

There are multiple reasons why an insurance company will reject a claim. For example, you may not have kept up to date with your payments. Or you might have filled out one of their forms incorrectly. It’s also possible that, due to all the post-accident stress, you forgot to file a claim. If you take too long, it may be grounds for the company to reject it. Another common reason for claims denials is poor property maintenance. For example, leaves might have clogged up the eavestroughs and caused water to overflow and damage the roof. The insurance company should provide you with a reason for the denial. If you aren’t happy with Avatar’s explanation about your denied property claim, you’re entitled to seek another opinion. To do this, talk to a property damage lawyer.

Consult with Your Lawyer

A property damage lawyer will assess the claim and determine whether or not Avatar was right to deny it. If they decide the company was in error, they can argue that Avatar acted in bad faith (which means they breached the terms of the contract). There are multiple ways an insurance company might act in bad faith. For example, they might not properly investigate the claim. They might misrepresent important facts when denying your claim. Both are grounds to have your case re-opened and require the insurance company to conduct another investigation.

If your case is re-opened, your lawyer can help you get a significant settlement. First, they can help you prepare a strong case. They will fight to get you the compensation that you deserve. They’ll ensure the situation is resolved quickly, so you can get on with your life and use the insurance funds to repair the property damage.

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The legal professionals at Louis Law Group have extensive experience with Avatar clients whose property claims have been denied. They’re ready and willing to fight for your rights to ensure you get a positive outcome. Book an appointment today, call (954) 676-4179 to learn and discuss why your claim was rejected – and find out how Louis Law Group can help you.

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