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All sorts of unexpected events can damage your home. You may experience a fire, flood, or strong winds that destroy your roof. Or a pipe might burst and cause an indoor flood.

That’s why it’s essential to have a comprehensive insurance policy, so that if your house is damaged, you’ll be able to pay for repairs. However, sometimes your insurance provider may deny your claim. It can be highly frustrating to have to fight to get the money you need. Let’s look at some of the reasons why this situation might occur and how you can deal with it if it happens.

Common Reasons Why Your Claim Might Be Rejected

There are several reasons why Banker’s might deny your property damage claim. For example, the type of damage you made a claim for may not be covered by your insurance policy. Alternatively, you may not have filled out the paperwork correctly. Or the insurance company could say you contributed to the problem by failing to maintain your property.

Another common issue is high deductibles – that is, the amount that you’re expected to pay out-of-pocket to get the problem solved. If the cost of the damage is lower than the deductible, the insurance company may not pay out a cent. That’s why you should always read your policy carefully and check for hidden deductibles.

Although there is a myriad of reasons why your claim might be rejected, it doesn’t mean there is a valid reason to deny every claim. In some cases, the insurance company may have done a shoddy conducted investigation. Or they may have misrepresented the facts of your situation. If this is the case, contact a lawyer.

Contact a Property Claim Lawyer

There are multiple ways that a property claim lawyer can help you settle your denied Banker’s property claim. They’ll read your insurance documents to gain a better understanding of whether there was a valid reason to deny your claim. They will contact the insurance company on your behalf and ask for more information. If, based on the language in the insurance agreement, your lawyer concludes that your claim was unfairly denied, they can prepare a case that will force the insurance company to re-open your claim and conduct a fair investigation. Your lawyer can also help you prepare your initial insurance claim and maximize your chances of getting a significant payout.

Contact Louis Law Group

The laws surrounding insurance claims in Florida can be highly complex, and to navigate these treacherous waters you’ll need someone with a great deal of experience in the area. Louis Law Group has helped clients across the state get their insurance cases re-opened and obtain the payouts they deserve. If you need help with your Banker’s insurance claim, contact our office, call (954) 676-4179,  to discuss your case with a legal professional at Louis Law Group. 

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