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Florida Denied Edison Claim Lawyer

In 2017, roughly six percent of property owners in Florida filed an insurance claim. In most cases, the process went smoothly, and the insurance company paid out. However, some people’s claims were denied – including clients of Edison Insurance Company. When this occurs, it’s easy to feel frustrated and unsure of what to do. Thankfully, it’s possible to resolve the matter and get the settlement you deserve.

What to Do When Your Claim Is Denied

There are several reasons why insurers like Edison reject property damage claims. For example, your Edison policy may not cover the damages you’ve filed a claim for. You may not have filled out a form correctly, or filed the claim on time. In most cases, Edison will send you a note explaining why the claim was rejected, which will allow you to determine whether or not it was reasonable for them to reject you. If you decide that it wasn’t, you don’t need to accept the decision lying down.

Using a Property Claim Lawyer

One of the first things you should do after being denied an Edison property claim is to contact a lawyer. They’ll examine your claim and insurance policy, and discuss the matter with the insurance company. In some cases, the denial might be due to a simple error, which is easy to correct. However, the issue may be more challenging to resolve, in which case the insurance company may need to re-open the case.

Getting Your Case Re-Opened

There are a good reasons why hiring a lawyer to re-open a denied insurance claim can benefit you. First, they’ll help you prepare a strong case that will give you the best chance of receiving a settlement. They’ll guide you through the process, help you fill out the necessary forms, and ensure you aren’t overwhelmed with paperwork. But one of the biggest benefits is that your claim will be settled more quickly, which will allow you to get on with repairing your property.

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Louis Law Group has a well-earned reputation for helping people across Florida to get their insurance cases re-opened and receive the settlements they deserve. They can do this because they have a highly experienced team that knows the complex laws that regulate insurance. This allows them to be strong advocates for you and ensure that you’re treated fairly during the claims process. Contact our office, call (954) 676-4179, to discuss your case with our legal professionals at Louis Law Group.

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