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Florida Denied Federated Claim Lawyer

A denied Federated property claim can be distressing if your home has been damaged in a disaster and you’re counting on Federated to cover the cost of repairs. The good news is that you have options if your claim does get denied. At Louis Law Group, our experienced lawyers can get your claim paid for or file a lawsuit if your claim was denied in bad faith. 

Common Reasons Why Claims Are Denied 

There are a few common reasons why your insurance provider may deny your claim, pay less than the amount your claim is seeking, or delay your payment. Those reasons include: 

Too Many Claims 

After a natural disaster, insurance companies sometimes find it difficult to keep up with all of the claims they’re receiving. Thousands of people may have been affected by, say, a hurricane. Companies like Federated may not have enough money on hand to pay out every single claim right away. Given this, they will use stall tactics to draw out the process. They may even wrongfully deny some claims or offer less than what a claim asks for. 

Bureaucratic Reasons 

If you hire a third-party appraiser or investigator who fills out their own form for the damages claim, it may differ from Federated’s official form. Your insurance provider wants their claimants to use the company’s own form. If they’re given a form that differs from that one, they may deny your claim on those grounds. 

Some Damages Go Unseen 

An insurance adjuster working for Federated may not record all the details of the damages to your property . They may pay for your claim, but omit money to cover damages the adjuster failed to include on the form. As an excuse, Federated may claim that the uncovered damages were caused by something other than the cause of the damages they paid out for. 

Suing for Bad Faith 

In Florida, you have the right to sue your insurance provider if they treat you unfairly. They’re required to settle your claim in good faith.  

Before filing a lawsuit filed on your behalf, lawyers must issue a notice to Federated and Florida’s insurance department. The notice must be written and delivered within 60 days of the violation. Once we receive a form from the state’s insurance department, we will use it to specify the nature of the violation.¬†¬†

If and when we win the lawsuit, Federated will be required to pay for all damages, as well as court and attorney fees. 

How We Help With Denied Property Claims 

First, we will have an initial consultation with you and find out what needs to be investigated. We need to know the facts of your situation. We need clarity on what damages your property incurred. We will also need to review the claim you filed and determine whether the evidence provided to support your claim holds up. The more evidence you have in favor of your claim, the more difficult it will be for Federated to deny it. 

To support your claim, take photos and videos of the property damage. You should also have appraisals of personal items that were damaged or destroyed, both before and after the damage to them occurred. You should also have receipts for things you bought, invoices for necessary repairs, and quotes for how much it will cost to replace or repair something.  

We will identify ourselves as your representatives, so whenever someone from Federated attempts to speak with you, you can tell them that they must speak to us first. Let us know that they contacted you. 

If your Federated property claim was denied, your insurance company needs a good reason for doing so. If its reasoning falls under an unacceptable justification, we can assist you with getting the damages you’re owed. Contact us today for a free consultation call (954) 676-4179  to learn how we can help you. 

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