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Florida Denied FedNat Claim Lawyer

If FedNat (Federated National) denies your property insurance claim, you have options available to you. An experienced property claims lawyer at Louis Law Group may be able to help you recover the damages owed to you. 

Insurance providers like FedNat may not pay your claim in full, delay your payment, or deny your claim outright. They may do so for one of the following: 

Unacceptably Long Delays 

Let’s say you submitted a claim to FedNat for the damages your property sustained in a hurricane. However, you don’t receive a response from them regarding your claim. You try calling and emailing them, yet they seem to ignore you. Eventually, you get in touch with someone at the insurance company. You are informed that they want additional information from you. You oblige them and send it in, but your claim still doesn’t go anywhere. This process can drag on for weeks or months.  

Then they finally get moving on the process, but keep stalling. They say they need to send over a specialized appraiser/adjuster to inspect the damages your property incurred. Or they’re getting thousands of claims because everyone files a claim after a big natural disaster, so you’ll have to wait until they get to yours.  

Insurance companies are either intentionally or unintentionally unprepared to handle thousands of claims at once. Perhaps they’re trying to cut costs by not hiring additional employees ahead of time so they can process more claims faster. They might hire staff when the need arises, but the new hires may not be sufficiently trained or prepared to properly process so many claims. This is why the company will drag their heels for as long as possible and even deny expensive claims they want to avoid paying. 


Paying Less Than the Claim Amount 

Rather than completely denying your claim, FedNat may pay you for damages, but only partially. They may claim that something was left off of the claim form, meaning it couldn’t be paid for. Insurance providers will only pay for what’s stated on the claim form. This is why you should refuse to accept anything less than the full amount you’re seeking. 

It’s possible to file a supplemental claim that includes information about damages that weren’t described in the initial claim form. In the event that the adjuster overlooked certain damages, you can deliver additional proof of damages to indicate that the adjuster should have given you the details.  

If FedNat refuses to provide you with anything less than what you’re owed, a property claim lawyer at Louis Law Group can help you get what you deserve. You don’t have to accept a denied FedNat property claim. 

What If Your Claim is Denied in Full? 

FedNat may try to deny your claim outright by saying that the damages were the result of something your policy doesn’t cover. There could be a situation where flooding damaged your home, but it wasn’t specifically “storm damage”, which is what your policy covers. They might tell you that you can’t be paid for flood damage. To know whether this is accurate or not, you need someone who is intimately familiar with insurance policies and property claims to review your case. 

FedNat may also try and deny your claim for procedural reasons. They may admit that your policy covers the damages your property sustained, but say that you used the incorrect form for your claim, or refer to some other technicality that violates Florida’s Homeowner Claims Bill of Rights. In a situation like this, a lawyer from Louis Law Group can help ensure you get the money you’re owed. Contact us today, call (954) 676-4179 to schedule a free consultation.



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