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Margate is a small city located in Broward County, Florida. It is part of the Miami metropolitan area and has a population of only 58,712 people, according to the 2020 U.S. Census. Even though it only has 58,712 people, its connection to the Miami metropolitan area brings in millions of visitors and tourists each year.

Sadly, car accidents happen all too often in Margate and Broward County.

The Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles released a 2021 report indicating that precisely 41,377 crashes had occurred in Broward County in 2021. Of those 41,377 crashes, roughly 263 fatalities and 15,705 injuries resulted from them.

Did you experience a car accident in Margate? If so, you should contact the Louis Law Group immediately at (954) 676-4179 to request professional legal representation. Then you’ll have the best chance of getting compensation for your car accident-related injuries.

Why Should You Hire a Car Accident Lawyer in Margate?

Car accident injury victims have specific rights and protections under Florida law. In fact, you even have the right to seek compensation from your auto insurance company for minor car accident-related injuries, even if you were the primary cause of the accident.

Florida is a state with a no-fault car insurance system. It is the law that allows at-fault motorists to seek compensation for their car accident-related injuries. Insurance companies are not allowed to deny coverage for such claims if the driver was at fault.

However, the no-fault car insurance system won’t protect you if you cause a car accident and suffer moderate to severe injuries. Then you’ll need to hire a lawyer to help you figure out the best path forward for receiving compensation.

Of course, if the accident was not your fault, you have all the more reason to seek compensation. But you should still hire an attorney because they will know how to pursue maximum compensation for your injuries.

Here are the most common examples of car accident-related injuries which deserve compensation:

  • Medical equipment (e.g., crutches, wheelchairs)
  • Inpatient & outpatient treatments
  • Car repair bills
  • Ambulance
  • Emergency hospital treatment
  • Long-term or short-term rehabilitation
  • Rental car bills
  • Emotional pain and suffering

Have you experienced any of these expenses? If so, you must hire a professional car accident lawyer in Margate to manage your claim as soon as possible.

Why Hire Louis Law Group?

The Louis Law Group prioritizes your legal interests above everything else. Our car accident lawyers will manage every step of your case in order to pursue maximum compensation for your car accident claim.

Here are the benefits you can enjoy from hiring Louis Law Group:

  • We’ll conduct a comprehensive review of all documents and evidence regarding the car accident injury case, including photographs, police reports, medical reports, car damage reports, etc.
  • We will calculate the estimated compensation the law allows you to receive based on the evidence.
  • Interview and record the testimony of eyewitnesses who were around the scene of the car accident at the time it occurred.
  • Call and negotiate with insurance companies for a fair settlement based on the value of the damages and injuries incurred.
  • File a lawsuit against the liable parties and escalate the car accident case to civil court. We will defend your case in front of a jury.

Don’t trust auto insurance companies because they will look for any path to work against you by undervaluing or denying your claim. But if you obtain our legal services, we’ll put legal pressure on your auto insurance company to reach a settlement or risk going to a civil trial.

No insurance company wants to risk going to trial. That is why they’re more likely to settle if they know you have a professional lawyer on your side representing your claim.

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How will you represent my car accident claim in Margate?

Our lawyers will work around the clock to pursue maximum compensation for your car accident injury claim in Margate. We have the most experienced and professional car accident lawyers in South Florida. Our high-quality legal services are the best chance you’ll have of reaching a fair settlement or winning a civil court case. Then you can finally achieve civil justice for the car accident injuries you suffered because of someone else’s negligence or intention.

The first thing we’ll do is review the police reports, medical reports, and other documentation related to your car accident claim. Then we’ll have enough information to calculate the value of compensation you should pursue. After that, we’ll bring a solid legal argument against the insurance companies for why you deserve this compensation. It’ll be an evidence-based defense of your claim.

Our lawyers will try to avoid a civil trial so that you can receive a compensation settlement faster. But if the insurance companies refuse to settle, we’ll defend your case in court and convince a jury to award you compensation for damages.

What makes your law firm better than others in Margate?

Louis Law Group is a high-rated law firm in Margate and South Florida. We have a long track record of successfully defending our clients in their car accident claims cases. So if you want to hold the liable parties of your car accident accountable, Louis Law Group is the best choice for your legal representation.

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