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Melissa Portes Romero, Esq

Melissa Romero

Melissa Portes Romero, Esq. is an attorney based in West Palm Beach, Florida, with a wide range of experience in civil, criminal, and family law. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Florida State University, double majoring in Literature and History. Later, she obtained her Juris Doctorate from the University of Miami School of Law, where she was an active member of The Society of Bar and Gavel and participated in various law student organizations, including the Student Bar Association, Black Law Students Association, and the Hispanic Law Students Association.

Since graduating from law school Ms. Portes Romero’s work has primarily focused on First Party Property cases, where she has experience representing both Plaintiffs and Defendants. Ms. Portes Romero is also fluent in Spanish, which enables her to better serve the diverse community of clients she works with.