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Bus Accident Lawyer Miami

Bus Accident Lawyer Miami

A minor bus accident may be resolved amicably among the parties involved without any medical attention or attorney consultations. However, a major bus accident can lead to serious injuries such as bodily deformation, brain damage, internal and external bleeding, or death. Fatal bus accidents require competent attorneys to handle the compensation claim.

A bus driver can be sued and prosecuted if they are found to have broken any road usage laws at the time of the accident. Driving under the influence, reckless driving, and hit & run may attract punishments such as fines, suspensions or even incarceration of the driver. Bus accident victims wanting to obtain legal compensation for damages will definitely need a certified attorney, because they won’t be taken seriously by the authorities if they try to pursue the case on their own. Only a certified attorney is recognized by the authorities for such claims. This is why Louis Law Group serves clients by offering them competent and dedicated attorneys that will fill the gap between you and parties involved to make sure you get all the compensation you deserve under the law. 

 Causes of Bus Accidents

Bus accidents continue to grow year by year. Below are some of the causes of bus accidents that you can request legal compensation for.

Human Error

Most road users know the rules of the road, but not everyone obeys them. Obviously, ignoring the rules can cause accidents.


Speeding is a major cause of bus accidents in big cities. Most drivers in big cities like driving at high speed because the roads are good. Like cars, fast-moving buses are more prone to causing accidents than slower ones because they need a longer distance and more time to stop. If you’re a victim of a bus accident caused by speeding, you can consult our competent Miami personal injury attorney at Louis Law Group.

Driving Under the Influence

Records show that over 10% of bus accidents occur due to the influence of an intoxicant. Alcohols and cigarettes are the most common intoxicants found in the system of most commercial bus drivers.


Distraction behind the wheel is another common cause of bus accidents. Drivers tend to get distracted, especially when they engage in conversations with passengers. When they do, some drivers can lose focus while driving their vehicle.  If you’re involved in a bus accident due to the driver’s lack of focus, you can legitimately file a claim for damages. 


This is a major cause of road accidents in Miami. Most commercial buses aren’t in good condition, and they malfunction unexpectedly while in motion. Malfunctions of buses that can lead to bus accidents include brake failures. You can be sure of getting full compensation with the service of our attorney in cases like this, because deficient buses aren’t allowed on roads.

Common Damages Associated with Bus Accidents

Bus accidents can result in both severe and minor injuries. Below are some common damages associated with bus accidents:

  • Serious head or brain damage
  • Concussion
  • Both internal and external bleeding
  • Spinal injuries
  • Body deformity
  • Deep cuts from sharp objects
  • Property damage
  • Fatality


Why You Need Our Attorneys After a Bus Accident

There’s a high probability that you will not get fair compensation if you go to court without an attorney.  It requires a high level of competency from an attorney to get you compensated in full for your loss. This is why our attorneys at Louis Law Group are in the best position to fill the gap between you and any involved parties.

How Our Attorneys Can Help After a Miami Bus Accident

If after a bus accident you can provide Louis Law Group with some basic information, here are the things you can expect:

A Competent Personal Injury Attorney

Reach out to a competent personal attorney to tender your case before the authorities. We’ll make sure you get all the legal compensation you’re entitled to in relation to the accident.  

We’ll Ensure You Get Full Compensation from Your Insurance Company

Most insurance companies in Miami are fond of trying to waive personal injury claims. At Louis Law Group, we ensure our clients get all fair compensation entitled to them from their insurance company. The last thing an insurance company will expect is that you will consult an attorney. They know that when an attorney is brought into the case, it is nearly impossible for them to capitalize on your lack of knowledge. 

We’ll Ensure You Get Compensated by All Liable Parties

At Louis Law Group, our job is to make sure our clients get compensation not only from the insurance companies, but from all the liable parties.

Contact our office, call (954) 676-4179 today for a free, no-obligation chat and thorough review of your insurance policy and claim. 

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