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Lyft or Uber Accident Lawyer Miami

Lyft or Uber Accident Lawyer Miami

Uber and Lyft are common services in Miami, as they are in almost every other part of the country. These rideshare services have turned out to be one of the most convenient means of navigating around Miami, especially for those who are on a tour or trip. These companies don’t hire drivers on their own, so they can’t certify whether a driver is professional or not. Rideshare services work such that car owners register with the companies so they can gain access to their booking apps. This implies there is no guarantee that you won’t be involved in an accident. As such, it is vital that you understand your legal options in case of a Lyft or Uber accident.

If you’re involved in a Miami Lyft or Uber accident that leads to injuries, you should reach out to an experienced personal injury attorney. At Louis Law Group, we’ll be pleased to represent you to acquire your damages compensation. Our expert attorneys will help you seek full compensation for your damages from the responsible party.

Common Causes of Uber and Lyft Accidents

Numerous things can be responsible for Uber and Lyft accidents. Riding Uber does not guarantee a safer trip than using a public bus or taxi. Just like the usual vehicle accidents, here are the common factors that can lead to Uber or Lyft accident in Miami:

  • A speeding driver
  • Driver negligence
  • Drunk driving
  • Failure of driver to obey traffic regulations
  • Injection of intoxicating substance before driving
  • Bad roads
  • Road bumps
  • Reckless driving
  • Driver receiving phone calls or texting while driving
  • Driver not concentrating while driving

Things to do after a Miami Uber or Lyft Accident

Immediately after you have an accident as a Lyft or Uber passenger in Miami, here are the most critical things you should do:

  1. Take pictures of the incident: This can actually depend on the severity of your injuries. But generally, it’s a good idea to snap a picture of the incident with your mobile phone. Also, you can get people around the incident take pictures for you.
  2. Call the Police: It’s possible that your Uber driver will want to avoid calling the police. If so, try to file an incident report with police on your own. You can dial 911 from the accident site to summon the police.
  3. Seek medical care: Your health comes first. If necessary, seek medical attention quickly. Don’t spend too much time at the accident scene before getting to the clinic or hospital for medical care.
  4. Document everything: Make sure you retain the whole situation in your memory. Right from the point of seeking medical care, try to document everything that happened. It’ll be really helpful when you file your Lyft or Uber accident claims with your insurance provider.
  5. Inform your insurance provider: Get in touch with your insurance provider as soon as possible. File a claim describing your involvement in the Uber accident and the damages you suffered. Make sure your claims are truthful.
  6. Seek the help of an attorney: Filing your claim by yourself can be worrisome and stressful. Also, several issues can arise in the process, such as a denial of damages claim by your insurance company. In such a case, get in touch with a certified and competent Lyft or Uber accident lawyer as soon as possible to file a lawsuit against your insurance provider.

Connect to an Uber or Lyft Accident Lawyer in Miami

Having a personal injury attorney in place to stand for you after you are injured in a Miami Uber or Lyft accident is a good option. If you or your loved ones fall victim to an Uber accident in Miami, consulting a firm like Louis Law Group is likely your best option. Our professional and experienced attorneys can help you file lawsuits against your insurance provider if your claims are initially denied. We’ve dealt with several insurance companies for Uber accident claims in Miami, and we’re proud to have been successful in almost all of them.

Before filing your case, we’ll investigate your claims to see how true they are. This is where incident pictures and police reports will be helpful. Upon confirming the genuineness of the incident, we’ll gather all the necessary documents from you. We’ll review them and your initial claims against your insurance policy. Next, we’ll contact your insurer to negotiate your coverage. If a settlement can’t be reached, we’ll file a lawsuit against your insurance company. Connect with the best attorneys in Miami today – we’re just a call away!

How we Help you with an Uber or Lyft Accident Case

Louis Law Group is uses the best practices in the industry to help policyholders get the damages claims they deserve from insurance providers. Here’s how we’ll help if you decide to hire us: 

  1. Expert Counsel and Support

You’ll be allocated an attorney who will stand by you in during the entire insurance compensation process. Our experienced attorneys will advise and support you regarding the relevant steps to take. 

  1. Investigation

We will investigate your Uber accident to determine the value of your compensation should be. Also, we’ll gather relevant information that’ll be helpful in a court of law when filing your case.

  1. Negotiation

If your initial claim is denied, our attorneys can help you file another claim with your insurance provider to see whether a negotiated agreement can be reached. While negotiating your claims, we’ll make sure you receive the compensation you’re entitled to.

  1. Lawsuit Filing

If need be, we will file a litigation against your insurance provider. This will be done only if a negotiated agreement can’t be reached with your insurer. Our experienced attorneys will gather all your documents and ensure your case has a successful outcome.

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