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Miramar Bicycle Accident Claim Lawyer

Miramar is a terrific place to live, and it’s especially attractive to those who like to get outside and exercise. There are plenty of places to take your bicycle for a nice, peaceful ride. It can be truly blissful.

That said, riding a bicycle isn’t risk-free. There is always the chance that you will be injured, whether it’s from a vehicle running a red light or another bicyclist failing to follow the rules of the road. In fact, in 2018, there were 726 bicycle crashes in Broward County alone.

After the accident, you’ll want to take care of yourself and return to full health. But beyond that, you’ll likely want to be financially compensated for the injuries you suffered. But what happens if the responsible party’s insurance company (or your insurance company) refuses to pay? Even if they propose a settlement, what if it is unacceptably low?

Why You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer

The situations above (along with many others) are why you will want to hire a personal injury lawyer. A Miramar bicycle accident lawyer can be an effective advocate and get you the compensation you deserve.

A personal injury attorney can do everything from negotiating settlement terms with the relevant insurer to overseeing a full-blown trial. Throughout the process, your personal injury attorney can handle all of the paperwork and formalities, freeing up your time so that you can focus on getting better.

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Ultimately, hiring a Miramar bicycle accident lawyer can be a wise decision. If you’re looking for a bicycle accident lawyer, check out Louis Law Group. Our attorneys are at the top of their class and can help you receive full compensation for all of your injuries. Click here to learn more or call (954) 676-4179.

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