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Naples Hurricane Damage Property Claim Lawyer

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The Congressional Budget Office estimates that at least 1.2 million Americans who live on the Florida coast are vulnerable to hurricane damage. Hurricane cleanups have cost the government $28 billion, with Florida contributing to 55% of that number. Hurricanes damage not only homes and properties, but also pocketbooks – especially for people who file an insurance claim to pay for post-hurricane home repairs, but the claim is denied.

Why you need an insurance lawyer

Even if pay your premiums on time, your insurance company might refuse to pay your claim due to a minor technicality or because they are acting in bad faith. This is why having an experienced hurricane damage property claim lawyer in Naples can help. When your home and property need repairs or rebuilding after a hurricane, you should get the settlement you deserve. But insurance companies will take advantage of you, given the chance. The right attorney will fight for you to ensure this doesn’t happen.


  • A hurricane has damaged my property. What should I do first? Read your insurance policy and follow the appropriate steps to report and file your claim.
  • How will an adjustor decide if my claim is covered? Even though there is a legal obligation for an adjustor to do their work in good faith, the insurer ultimately makes the final decision. Often, we find that insurance companies unfairly deny or undervalue claims.
  • After I report the loss, should I mitigate the damage? You should secure your property from further damage. Many insurance companies will reimburse you for these types of expenses. Keep all receipts. We also suggest that you gather photographic and video evidence of the damaged property.

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Louis Law Group can help you move forward after your mishap. Once we have the necessary information about your case, we’ll work hard to obtain the fair payout and reimbursements you deserve. We’ll provide you with a free consultation on what you need to do and how best to approach your situation. If your hurricane damages are costly and your claim has been denied, call us at (239) 331-5313. One of our claim attorneys will be happy to discuss your case.

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