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We all know that severe storms, wind, hurricanes, and fires can damage roofs. They also need to be repaired or replaced when they get too old. A strong roof is vital to protect the structural integrity of your home. Unfortunately, not all roof damage is immediately evident. The damage can happen slowly because of a hidden leak, or other continued water or wind damage arising from to Florida’s changing weather patterns or hurricane season. Dealing with roof damage can be a small inconvenience compared to coping with a disaster that leaves you and your family without a secure home to live in. Still, having to file a claim makes everything more challenging.

Why you need an insurance lawyer

An insurance adjustor will visit your home to assess the damage, but may overlook some of the damage or attribute the losses to something else. This can cause your claim to be denied or a settlement that’s lower that it should be. Dealing with a denied claim is tough, as insurance companies fight hard to keep their money. If your claim was rejected and you know you deserve better compensation, you should hire a hurricane damage property claim attorney in Naples that will fight for you.


  • What will my insurance company look for? They will send an inspector to your home to document the extent of the damage. They’ll look for weather-related damage or prominent hail damage.
  • Does my insurance policy cover roof leaks? Most insurance policies will cover roof damage caused by fire, vandalism, and “acts of God.” Other things are dependent on your policy and the age of your roof.
  • How soon should I contact my insurance company to file a claim? Do it right away. Most policies have set time limits and windows of opportunity for you to file your claim. Documenting all the damage and contacting a public adjustor that specializes in roof damage will help make the process run a little smoother. You can also work with our experienced attorneys to deal with your claim.

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Louis Law Group can help you move forward with your post-fire life. Once we have the necessary information, we’ll fight to get you the fair payout and reimbursements you deserve. We will provide you with a free consultation to discuss what you need to do and how best to approach your situation. If your fire property damages are costly and your claim has been denied, call us at (239) 331-5313. One of our attorneys will be happy look at your case.

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