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Naples Water Damage Property Claim Lawyer

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In the Naples area, water damage to homes and properties is common. It can happen to anyone, and it helps to know what your insurance company will cover in case you find yourself dealing with this type of situation.

Types of Water Damage

  • Storm-related damage
  • Flooding
  • Accidental/sudden discharge
  • Sewer Overflow/Backups
  • Gradual Water Damage
  • Mold-Related Damage

If your home is damaged by water, read your policy carefully to see what it covers. Even if just refreshes your memory, it’ll help with the claim process. If your claim was denied, an experienced attorney fighting for you will help craft a persuasive case in your favor.

Why You Need an Insurance Lawyer

Our attorneys often handle denied water damage property claims in Naples and the surrounding area. The cost of these claims can be high, so insurance companies will do whatever it takes to either offer a low payout or deny them. Water damage claims are also the common types of litigation that insurance companies encounter.

If your water damage claim was denied or you were given an unfairly low settlement, give us a call. Insurance companies are out to make money and will look for ways to deny your claim. Some add specific clauses into their policies or use an adjustor to attribute the damage to something else to avoid payouts.


  • Does my homeowner’s insurance policy cover my water damage? Your insurance representative will review your policy with you to help you understand the amount of coverage available to you. A water claim denial attorney can also help with this process.
  • Must I use the restoration company my insurer recommends? Most insurance companies will work with any company you feel comfortable working with.
  • My claim was denied because the insurer said mold wasn’t part of the damage. What do I do now? Contact an experienced attorney who specializes in water damage claim denials. An attorney will look over your policy and let you know the best course of action.

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Louis Law Group can help you move forward with your post-fire life. Once we have the necessary information, we’ll fight to get you the fair payout and reimbursements you deserve. We will provide you with a free consultation to discuss what you need to do and how best to approach your situation. If your fire property damages are costly and your claim has been denied, call us at (239) 331-5313. One of our attorneys will be happy look at your case.

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