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If your property in North Miami Beach has suffered damage and your insurer is either undervaluing your loss or denying your claim, you’re not powerless to get the compensation you deserve. One of your options is to hire a property claim lawyer to contest your denied claim or negotiate a better settlement on your behalf.

An attorney can assist you by providing professional help throughout the claim proceedings, and, if needed, appealing an underpayment or claim denial. At Louis Law Group, we grant free case reviews and consultations to people with property loss cases. Contact us today for a no-charge case review at (954) 676-4179.

Settlements for Property Damages in Florida

Payouts for property losses/damages in Florida will vary based on the case. However, payouts generally cover the replacement costs of the lost or damaged property; loss of the fair market price of the lost property; the cost of repairs and construction, including overhead, profit, labor; and other related costs that qualify for compensation in a typical negligence lawsuit.

Usually, lawsuits will estimate the worth of the loss based on the price of a fair repair. Where the damaged property isn’t fixable, the court will assess the worth of the property at the going market price at the time of the damage.

Some typical property claims our attorneys can help you with include:

  • Roof leaks
  • Fire claims
  • Wind, smoke and water damage
  • Hurricane damages
  • Storm losses
  • Pipe leaks
  • Theft and vandalism
  • Broken water heaters


Every homeowner should have a home insurance policy. Some damages might be excluded from standard insurance coverage, but may be covered by separate hurricane or flood insurance. Our property claim lawyers in North Miami Beach can help you figure out which losses are covered under your policy and the settlement amount you’re entitled to.

Florida Homeowner Claims Bill of Rights

According to the Florida Homeowner Claims Bill of Rights, your insurer must meet several requirements when they process your claim.

Your insurer is legally obliged to:

  • Notify you of the receipt of your claim not more than 14 days after the submission date
  • Notify you about the status of your claim not later than 30 days after receipt
  • Finish processing your claim and clearing a settlement for the entire claim or an undisputed part of your claim not later than 90 days after your submission; if they don’t, they must provide a written report explaining why they rejected your claim.

If your insurance company fails to follow through on any of these requirements, reach out to us so we can sue your insurer for bad faith and seek extra damages on your behalf.

Our Property Claim Lawyers in Florida Can Assist You

Whether you’re contesting a denial or filing a new claim, a Louis Law Group attorney based in North Miami Beach can ensure that the whole process is completed in a timely and appropriate fashion. Our lawyers will:

  • Review and explain your insurance policy in clear and precise terms;
  • Communicate and negotiate with your insurer;
  • Ensure your insurance company adheres to the Homeowner Claim Bill of Rights;
  • Handle complex paperwork on your behalf;
  • Gather and record evidence to lend credence to your claim dispute;
  • Submit a civil lawsuit if your insurer acts in bad faith or stalls a settlement;
  • If necessary, speak on your behalf in court.


Get in Touch with Us for Assistance

Our experienced legal team of attorneys in North Miami Beach will offer you legal assistance throughout your property claim process. We have a contingency-fee policy, which means we only get paid after you’ve received fair compensation.

Call Louis Law Group now at (954) 676-4179 for a no-charge case review and consultation.

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