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North Miami Beach Fire Damage Property Claim Lawyer

Fire Damage Property Claim Lawyer - Louis Law Group

There’s nothing as devastating as losing property or belongings to fire. Not only can you lose things that are irreplaceable like photographs or family heirlooms, but you can also struggle to get back onto your feet if your insurance company denies your fire damage property claim.

It doesn’t matter if you have been paying your insurance premiums every month like clockwork, and you have never made a claim. The insurance company is a business trying to make a profit, which means that they will try to pay you out as little as they possibly can.

Denied Fire Damage Claim

Here are some of the reasons why your fire damage property claim might be denied.

  • Lack of Documentation – You need to be able to prove what property was damaged and how much you paid for it. It’s vital to record significant purchases to avoid a claim denial should they be lost or ruined due in a fire.
  • No record of property – Nobody expects to lose their home to a fire. As a result, many people are unprepared and lack a   comprehensive list of all their belongings. You should create a such a list and keep it updated – especially the more valuable items – if you want your insurance company to pay for replacements.
  • Inflating your fire damage claim – Another common occurrence is that, after a fire, people inflate their claim in order to make up for irreplaceable things like photo albums or antique ornaments. They increase the price of the property for which they are making a claim.
  • Inconsistent witness statements – As part of an insurer’s due diligence, they will interview everybody they possibly can to corroborate your claim. They’ll interview police or firefighters who were on the scene, public adjusters who evaluated the damage, and even neighbors. If there are any inconsistencies, they will deny your claim. They might even charge you with insurance fraud.
  • Suspected arson – When investigating your fire damage claim, your insurance company will establish the source of the fire. If the relevant authorities (the fire or police departments) cannot identify a cause, they will suspect arson and launch an intensive investigation.

Why You Need an Insurance Lawyer

If you’ve suffered a devastating loss because of a fire, don’t despair. Louis Law Group employs fire damage lawyers in North Miami Beach who understand the trauma you’ve experienced, because they often deal with people who have suffered this type of loss. They deal with insurance companies and fire damage claims every day, so they know exactly what to do win the maximum compensation for your losses.

Contact Louis Law Group

To make your recovery from your devastating fire losses as pain-free as possible, call Louis Law Group. Our North Miami Beach fire damage claim lawyers are seasoned professionals who have nothing but your well-being at heart. They are dedicated to helping you get your life back on track by negotiating with your insurer to quickly finalize your claim. To get the support and results you need, contact Louis Law Group at 954-676-4179 to book a free consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my temporary living expenses and rent be covered by my insurer?

This coverage is usually specified in your policy. It varies from company to company, and from policy to policy. Generally, most plans cover you for one year, but some insurance companies provide coverage for up to two years.

What happens if my ALE coverage expires and my home is not yet rebuilt or repaired?

As soon as you know you’re not going to make it through with your existing ALE coverage, contact your insurer to discuss the issue and see if you can agree on a solution. Some insurance companies will volunteer to extend this coverage, but others will not. When negotiating with your insurer, it’s best to let a fire damage claim lawyer do it for you.

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