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North Miami Beach Property Damage Claim Lawyer

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Property damage in North Miami Beach is, unfortunately, a reality that many property owners will have to face at some point. In addition to damage from water and mold, hail, sinkholes, smoke and fire, traffic accidents, vandalism, and theft, every North Miami Beach property owner will experience hurricane damage.

Hurricane Damage

Although the Atlantic hurricane season is officially between the 1st of June and the 30th of November, when 97% of tropical weather activity takes place, hurricanes have been recorded in every month of the year. Some storms are harsher than others. Your property could suffer minimal damage – like broken shutters or gutters – or it could be destroyed.

You could be out of pocket by $200 for shutter repairs, or be dealt a serious financial blow from which you may never recover unless you’re insured. Property damage insurance is vital to protect your investment and yourself. If you don’t have it, you’ll run into trouble.

Water Damage Claims

The most commonly filed property damage claims in North Miami Beach are for water damage. Water damage claims also happen to be one of the more complex insurance issues, and many provisos are hidden in the small print of policies. Mainly, the settlement of a property damage claim will depend on the source of the water and the cause of the damage. Read your policy. You may find that you’re not covered when you think you are.

Why You Need an Insurance Lawyer

You could experience financial trouble if you don’t hire a North Miami Beach property damage claim lawyer to assist you when you need to file a property damage claim. Insurance companies receive thousands of requests each year from North Miami Beach residents. Since insurance companies are businesses, they aim to be as profitable as possible. To do so, they need to pay out as little as possible.

More often than not, your insurance company or insurance broker’s initial offer will be deficient. They may even deny your claim. Far too many people accept this unfair outcome because they’ve just been through a major disaster and want to get through all the red tape and move on with their lives.

Letting a denied claim slide is a big mistake. You’ll have far more success and receive a better settlement from your insurer if you have someone who knows the ins and outs of property damage insurance and how insurance companies work on your side. You spend good money on insurance every year, and with a good property damage claim lawyer, you’re more likely to receive the maximum value for your claim.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a clearing of debris covered by my insurer?

Generally, unless you have additional coverage specified in your policy, you can be held responsible for clearing the debris from your lot. If the damage caused to your property was due to a natural disaster, check with your local government officials. They often coordinate a debris removal programs in affected areas, which they will pay for or charge you a nominal rate.

What should I do before my lot is cleared?

Take photographs of the entire site, particularly items that your insurer or cleaning company may consider salvageable. Disagreements usually arise out of matters like these, as insurers try to save costs. Photographs of all recognizable items in the debris will help your damage claim lawyer resolve any disputes much more quickly.

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