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If you own a home in an Orange County community like Orlando, Winter Park, Windermere, Oakland, Belle Isle, Gotha, or Eatonville, it’s essential to have homeowner’s insurance. Once insurance is purchased, it’s easy to forget – until something happens that requires you to file a property damage claim. Many insurers will deny your claim or are known to offer low settlement offers. In these cases, Orange County property damage claim attorneys – like those at Louis Law Group – are a wise investment and ally for homeowners who seek the compensation they deserve.

Property Damage Types

Property damage comes in many forms, and all of them will take a toll on you and your family. Repair costs can be high, and not getting the settlement you deserve only adds to an already stressful situation. Here are some examples of damage that Orange County citizens have filed claims for:

  • Fire: Fires can happen anytime and without warning. If a fire strikes your home, damage costs can be in the thousands.
  • Water: Burst pipes are only one cause of water damage like mold and mildew damage.
  • Hurricane: Florida’s biggest weather-related threats are hurricanes. The damage they cause is devastating, and you need the right settlement to rebuild your life after such an event.
  • Theft: No one wants to think they’ll be robbed. Unfortunately, thieves, burglars, and others can break into your home and damage and steal property.
  • Storms: Besides hurricanes, storms and hail can damage your home, inside and outside.

How an Orange County Property Damage Claim Attorney Can Help You

Homeowner’s insurance is designed to be a safety net if property damage occurs, but even if you pay your premiums, insurers won’t always deliver. They can reject or slow down a claim or offer a lowball settlement offer that won’t come close to covering your damage costs.

An experienced Orange County Property Claim Lawyer can tilt the odds in your direction. Here’s how the right attorney can help:

  • Your policy will be thoroughly reviewed. Your attorney can determine if your claim is valid and give you the support you need for your claim.
  • They’ll make sure all the right evidence is gathered and presented to the insurer.
  • Your attorney will take the lead in all communications with your insurance company. They’ll represent you to their fullest ability.
  • If the settlement is too low, they’ll negotiate for a higher one on your behalf. There’s no need to settle for less.
  • If the offer is still too low and you’re not satisfied, your attorney can file a lawsuit for you against the insurer.

Property damage claim lawyers in Florida are your best advocate, no matter your ultimate goal or objective during the claim process.

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