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Palm Bay Property Claim Attorney

Palm Bay property damage claim attorney
Are you looking for a Palm Bay property damage claim attorney?
The days after a property damage incident are always hard, because there’s so much for the property owner to worry about. How do I recover my property? How long will it take to get compensated? Will my insurance company treat me fairly? These are only some of the questions that will run through the victim’s mind. The fear a victim feels after such a property damage incident is understandable, but it can be alleviated with the help of the right property damage claim attorney – and what better place to find one than Louis Law Group?


There are different types of property damage insurance claims, all of which the attorneys at Louis Law Group’s Palm Bay office can handle competently. They include:
  1. Water Damage: Water can cause significant damage to one’s property. It could be due to a pipe burst, an AC leak, water heater leak, flood, or other water-related causes. Before you can receive compensation from your insurance company, you need to know whether your policy covers the type of water damage you incurred. However, even this is no guarantee that you’ll be compensated, because your insurance company might try to avoid paying you. However, with help from a competent property damage claim attorneys from Louis Law Group, you’ll be well on your way to getting the compensation you need and deserve.
  2. Mold damage: Unlike water and other kinds of damage, molds aren’t always easy to see. It might be present for a long time before you notice it. If you find mold in your home, check to see whether your policy covers it. If it does, and your insurance company refuses to settle, the attorneys at Louis Law Group will take care of the dispute.
  3. Fire Damage: Fire damage can be devastating. It can arise from a cooking fire or a spark from a faulty electrical appliance. Whatever the reason, fire damage should be covered by your insurance company. If your insurance company fails to give you what is rightfully yours, the property damage claim attorneys at Louis Law Group will be glad to come to your rescue.
  4. Storm Damage: Your property can be severely damaged or destroyed by rain, wind, hail, or debris during a storm. If this happens, you should be fairly compensated by your insurance company. However, if they don’t, attorneys can help you sort out the problem.


There are many property damage claim attorneys in Palm Bay. What makes the attorneys at Louis Law Group different from others?
  1. Louis Law Group will examine your policy to determine your coverage and the payment your insurance company should make to you. We’ll also conduct a thorough investigation into previous and current home inspections, audits, and other documentation about your home to support your claim.
  2. We’re particular about simplifying the property damage claim process. We understand that dealing with an insurance company can difficult, because many of them make the filing and information-collecting process an insurance claim very daunting. Most of them hope that policyholders will abandon their claims, especially after they are denied compensation. Louis Law Group attorneys will make sure you are compensated, regardless of the tactics your insurance company employs.
  1. We’ll  review your policy and explain your rights to you in clear terms. It is in the character of insurance companies to avoid being straightforward with you. This way, they can deny you some of your rights, since you’re not conversant with them. However, if you hire a property damage claim attorney from Louis Law Group, you can rest assured that we’ll explain in simple terms everything that seems so complicated to you and, in turn, get you the settlement that’s rightfully yours.
  1. We’ll prepare a strong, well-supported property damage claim for you. You probably can’t prepare one yourself, so you need a competent attorney to speed up the process and boost your chances of getting a fair settlement.
  2. At Louis Law Group, our property damage claim attorneys are ready and willing to proceed with negotiations. We’re passionate about helping our clients get fair financial settlements, and we’ll gladly negotiate with insurance company representatives. We settle for nothing less than the best outcome for our clients and will keep negotiating until that settlement is on the table.
  3. You probably can’t understand your property damage claim as well as a professional. At Louis Law Group, our property damage claim attorneys that would gladly conduct a comprehensive assessment of your property damage claim and save you from receiving a settlement less than what you’re rightfully owed.
If your Palm Bay property is damaged and you need insurance money to cover the cost of repairs, our property damage claim attorneys are your best bet. Give us a call at (954) 676-4179.
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