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7 Steps to Take After You Have Been Involved in a Bus Accident

When you step on a bus, you have certain expectations. A reasonable fare, relatively comfortable conditions, and that you will get to your destination safely. When this last condition is not met, you may be eligible to receive compensation from the company or government entity that runs the bus. Whether it is a public bus, school bus, a rented private bus, or a long-range bus service, if you are in a bus accident, there are few steps you must take immediately so as to help guarantee your safety and also improve your chances of being compensated for any damage you incur. Here are the 7 steps you should take after you get involved in a bus accident.

  1. Call 911Calling emergency services in the immediate aftermath of an accident is very important, and it is also the responsibility of everyone on the bus. Do not wait for the bus driver, company employee, or trip leader to do this. If you have access to your phone, you can and should call 911. 
  1. Get checked by medical professionals – Like any vehicle accident, just because you are not in immediate pain or have visible injuries does not mean you are not injured. Allowing yourself to be checked out by a medical professional can unearth any possible injury, and it can also give you valuable information if you need to sue for medical expenses down the road. 
  1. Do not talk to anyone on the bus about the accident – You do not want to say anything that can be used against you once the legal process starts. Even telling the bus driver something like, “It’s ok, I’m fine,” can be used to show that you do not deserve as much as you are asking for once lawyers get involved.
  1. If you don’t know the other passengers, get their info – If you are on a bus with people you do not know too well, make sure you exchange email and other contact info. If you are pursuing a legal case against the bus company down the line, having access to other witnesses or damaged parties can be extremely useful.If you can, the bus driver’s contact info will be helpful as well. This may be something you ask the police to help with. 
  1. Document everything – Nowadays, pretty much everyone has a cellphone with a camera. Use it to gather as many details as possible about the accident. Take pictures of where you were sitting, any injury sustained, damage to the bus, the position of the bus and other vehicles, and anything else that could add details to your memory later on.
  1. Call the Bus Accident Lawyer That West Palm Beach Relies On – A law firm that has experience in bus accidents is important in these cases. The bus accident experts at Louis Law Group in West Palm Beach can help you choose the right course of action, and also get you all the money you deserve after being involved in a bus accident.  
  1. Be Ready to Negotiate – Even after you have talked to a lawyer, the insurance company might contact you with an offer of an early settlement. If they are calling you, that means they are trying to get out for less money than it will cost them later. This is exactly why you need to hire a lawyer like the ones at Louis Law Group, in order to get the entire amount you deserve and not settle for less. Contact Louis Law Group today, call (954) 676-4179.
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