How to Know if You have a Slip and Fall Case

When you fall and hurt yourself, it is never fun. In fact, most times it is downright painful and even worse. It can lead to injuries that prevent you from working or do damages to your overall quality of life for a long term. While it may both always be the case, there are many occasions where a slip and fall accident can turn into a lawsuit and you can be compensated for your pain, suffering, and other negative outcomes for your accident. Here is how you know if you have a slip and fall case, and that it may be time to call the best slip and fall lawyer West Palm Beach has to offer.

When to Call a Slip and Fall Lawyer

Just because you fell and were hurt in public or someone else’s private property, does not always mean you have a case to be reimbursed by the owner. However, if there is a situation where your fall was caused by the owner of the property for not taking “reasonable care” of the area that caused your fall, there is a good chance you can win a legal judgment. Here are some things to consider and questions to ask yourself and others involved to find out if you are entitled to money from your slip and fall accident.

Questions to Ask About Your Accident 

Ask yourself and those involved in the situation these questions below. If the answers to one or more of these imply that the owner should have taken more steps to prevent your accident, you probably have a great case.

Check to see if this is a common happening – Has an accident happened there before?

If you tripped over an uneven carpet or broken flooring – Was this condition dangerous for a long  time that the owner “should have known” about it?

If you tripped over an object on the ground – Was there a good reason for the object to be there? Was it still a valid reason at the time of your fall? Could/should the object have been removed earlier? Was there a safer place the object could have been placed?

Check for proper maintenance – Is there a cleaning or maintenance schedule in place? If so, was it followed before your fall? Does the owner have proof of this?

Look for proper notification – Could a barrier have been formed to warn people of possible danger? Or some type of signage?

Seeing the possible dangers – Were poor or broken lights contributing to the accident?


If you have had a slip and fall accident, ask yourself the questions above. If the answers make you feel like there was more the property owner could have done to prevent you from being in that situation, then you should call someone who can help you get what you deserve from the negligent property owner. To get what is rightfully yours to help you through this hard time, Contact Louis Law Group today, call (954) 676-4179.

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