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Truck Accident Lawyer Plantation

Truck Accident Lawyer Plantation
Are you looking for a Truck Accident Lawyer in Plantation?

If you’re filing a personal injury claim after a Plantation, Florida truck accident, reach out to Louis Law Group for help today.

Louis Law Group is focused on delivering the best possible results for clients who have been injured in vehicle wrecks in and around Plantation.

Unfortunately, scores of people are injured and killed in truck accidents each year. According to the most recent data available from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, large trucks accounted for 9% of vehicles involved in fatal wrecks nationwide. In 2019, large truck accidents led to 349 deaths in Florida alone, state statistics show.

Here’s how Louis Law Group can help you after a truck accident in Plantation

Don’t let greedy insurance companies take advantage of you and your family as you try to move forward after your truck accident. The experienced team at Louis Law Group is here to help you move forward with a successful personal injury claim.

Our attorneys will build a solid personal injury claim 

We’ll review your insurance policy documents and build a claim that will fit your unique needs. Our attorneys will focus on collecting important evidence, compile the right documentation, and present a complete and accurate claim to the insurance company in a timely manner. 

We’ll advocate for you throughout the claims process, even if you’re partially liable 

Sometimes, both parties are found to be partially liable in a truck accident, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get a fair financial settlement. Our attorneys will work to minimize your liability so you can receive the best possible outcome.

We also manage communications with insurance companies and other attorneys 

Car accident injury attorneys at Louis Law Group don’t just file paperwork and sit back. They also communicate with the insurance company and other attorneys involved on your behalf. Throughout the process, we’ll advocate for your rights and keep you updated on the status of your claim. 

We’ll rigorously defend you against bad faith insurance practices 

Insurance companies sometimes knowingly or unknowingly violate your rights or their contractual obligations. Our attorneys are experienced at spotting bad faith insurance practices and promptly addressing them before they cause major issues for your personal injury claim.

File your personal injury claim and negotiate fair settlements 

After a devastating truck accident, you’ll likely need access to money to pay for medical and transportation costs. Our attorneys will ensure your claim continues to progress so you receive the compensation you’re entitled to in a timely manner.

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